Nvidia releases Shield source and recovery code

For a few days the US producer Nvidia has finally launched the much-talked-about on the US market Android console, Shield. The latter seemed destined to remain another flop after devices like the Nexus Q but fortunately the colossus Nvidia wanted to focus heavily on the console by lowering the price and releasing, during the last few hours, the source code and the recovery to facilitate modding.

Beyond the first OTA update the American manufacturer also wanted to release the source codes of the famous consul and the image of recovery to be able to perform a factory reset.

You can download via the following links:

Shield source code

Recovery Shield

All these and other files are available from the appropriate developer section of Nvidia and with all this it will be possible to attract more attention of developers and users who will certainly want to experiment with new Custom ROMs for the famous console.

We await a lot of news from the main ones Android community.