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Note 8: first video teaser online

Note 8: first video teaser online

Just over a week is missing from the official presentation of Note 8, scheduled for August 23 in New York where Samsung will finally reveal all the details on the long-awaited phablet.

The rumors about Notes 8 they have been many and uncontrollable. The hype for the new device is really high, as it would be the first device of the Note series after the withdrawal of Note 7. The last one released on the market is in fact Note 5, even if we in Europe are practically still at Galaxy Note 4good quality device but now no longer in step with current technology and design.

To fuel the hype for the Note 8 even more, Samsung has posted a mini on YouTube video teasermostly made up of keywords hit by the S-Pen and reworked, but the bottom line is: Note 8 is bigger and can do bigger things.

The presentation date is getting closer and closer and Samsung is gradually lifting the veil on the most awaited device of the moment. Note 8 will indeed be equipped with a dual rear camera, first case for a top of the Samsung range; of an Infinity Display 6.3-inch, larger than that of Galaxy S8 + but with the same aspect ratio and 6GB of RAM.

We just have to wait a few more days to find out everything about the new phablet of the South Korean giant.