Nintendo Switch Lite: Price, Release Date, Incompatible Games and Comparison

On yesterday evening, Nintendo announced the arrival on the market of the Switch Litea cheaper, more compact and limited version of the current console.

How much does the Nintendo Switch Lite cost? When will the Nintendo Switch Lite be released? What games are not compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite? More than legitimate questions to which we will give you an answer to follow.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite: The confrontation

Let’s start first of all with the comparison between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in economic terms and beyond.


  • Switch: 6.2 in
  • Switch Lite: 5.5 inches (same resolution of the Switch in portable mode, i.e. 720p)


  • Switch: Removable
  • Switch Lite: Fixed


  • Switch: Standard
  • Switch Lite: One-piece D-pad and improved analog sticks


  • Switch: HD Rumble and IR sensors present, can be connected to the TV
  • Switch Lite: HD Rumble and no IR sensors, cannot be connected to the TV


  • Switch: € 299.99
  • Switch Lite: € 219.99

How much will the Nintendo Switch Lite cost in Italy?

The answer is € 219.99 versus around € 299.99 for the current model. As you can see from this brief technical comparison, the new console was designed exclusively for Mobile, so you will not be able to connect it to the TV.

The Joy-Con they are not removable but attached to the console, there is no HD Rumble nor i motion sensorssince you will not be able to disconnect the Joy-Conmoreover the D-pad and the analog stick have been significantly improved compared to the current model, this is because the console was designed for use only on the move.

Nintendo Switch Lite is more compact and lighter, also the battery has a smaller capacity, therefore using it on the move than the current one will not guarantee the same autonomy.

What are the Nintendo Switch Lite games that will not be compatible?

As communicated by Nintendothe newa Switch Lite will be compatible with all games, except for those that require the use of Joy-Con disconnected, in that case you will have to buy Joy-Con separately and sync them to the console for use, as the supplied ones cannot be disconnected from the console.

All other games can be played safely, as they do not require Joy-Con external. The console will consequently be compatible with the various accessories currently on the market, with the exception of the Dock, since you will no longer be able to connect it to the TV.

When will the Nintendo Switch Lite be released?

The last question is, when will it be available? Nintendo announced that the Switch Lite will be released on 20 September 2019 in gray, yellow and turquoise colors while the themed limited edition Pokèmon Sword and Shield will be available from 8 November 2019.