Nintendo Switch is updated: Firmware 3.0 arrives

There Nintendo Switch surprisingly updates with the Firmware 3.0, what are the innovations and improvements introduced? Let’s find out together through the following changelog.

Firmware 3.0 for Nintendo Switch

  • Introduced the possibility to register for a specific channel to stay up to date
  • Ability to add friends from 3DS, smartphone or WiiU
  • Introduced the possibility to activate or deactivate the notification on the online status of friends
  • A feature that allows you to find connected controllers
  • Introduced 6 new images for Splatoon 2 for use as a gamer image
  • Ability to quickly change volume settings by holding down the Home button
  • Introduced the possibility to lower the maximum volume of the headphones or headset
  • Introduced support for USB keyboards to be connected to the dock
  • Introduced the ability to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via cable (will disable NFC)
  • Ability to update controllers from settings
  • Fixed an error that caused game updates to fail
  • Fixed an issue with the HDMI connection on some TVs when the dock is in sleep mode

By going to your profile you can see a new item called Friendship Tips, which shows you the friends you have on 3DS, WiiU and smartphones, with the possibility of adding them quickly. If, on the other hand, you go to News (below), you will find an item at the top right called Find channels, from here you will see the channels of each individual game with the possibility of following it to stay updated on all the news.

Below, the GameXplain colleagues show us in detail all the changes and improvements made with the new firmware, which you can download by connecting the console to the Internet and going to the system settings under Console update.