Nintendo Switch: Apex Legends will force players to have a microSD!

Taking advantage of one of its best phases, the Nintendo Switch is about to add an important game to its catalog, Apex Legends.

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Although fans of Nintendo’s hybrid system have been waiting for this release for some time, the new information has left them quite apprehensive.

It was already expected that due to a high-performance adaptation for possible cross-platform support, the game would require a lot of free space. However, the latest information reveals unexpected figures.

Apex Legends can occupy more than 30 GB when it arrives at Nintendo Switch

According to the list of games in the Portugal eShop, players should have 15.6GB of space available on their console. Although it is a considerable “package”, it turns out to be an acceptable value.

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However, the listing for the same game in the US store has a completely different value of 30GB.

This is a number that is guaranteed not to appeal to gamers who, if they already have a sizable collection of games, are guaranteed to invest in a new microSD in order to play EA’s Battle Royale.

MicroSD memory cards perfect for Nintendo Switch

Considering that currently the vast majority of games are purchased in digital format, it is practically mandatory to invest in a quality microSD card.

Especially for gamers who like to have multiple titles available all the time on their console, investing in a card of at least 256GB / 512GB is really important.

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Amazon’s 10 Most Popular MicroSD Cards

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via: NintendoLife

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