Nintendo games get Pulp Fiction-style covers

Nintendo, in the 80s and 90s, brought several games whose covers became iconic for their arts. On top of this concept, illustrator Astor Alexander decided to create new illustrations, in the Pulp Fiction style, for some company classics, such as Metroid, Zelda and, of course Mario Bros., transforming them into books on top of what the original plot presents.

Astor’s work imagined, for example, the game Metroid as a tale involving a very sensual astronaut, and Super Mario Bros. as a plot where Mario is a kind of policeman in search of a kidnapped woman – in this case Princess Peach.

Mario became a kind of policeman in search of an abducted maidenSource: DualShockers

The arts, in addition to playing with the players’ imagery, also show the talent of the illustrator. Astor is famous for creating these reproductions where he imagines book covers on top of famous games. It had already become famous with covers recreating The Witcher franchise as a detective plot in the best Sherlock Holmes style.

Check out some of Astor Alexander’s work:

Metroid in Astor Alexander illustrationSource: DualShockers

Super Smash Bros.Source: DualShockers