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Nintendo could abandon home consoles


Nintendo could abandon home consoles

While Microsoft And Sony are preparing for the new generation of consoles at home Nintendo the possible abandonment of the home videogame sector is discussed. In a recent interview, the current president of the company expressed his personal thoughts on the future of the company.

Will Nintendo leave the home scene?

Nintendo has accompanied the growth of many since NES (Nintendo 8 Bit). The success of games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Zelda and many others have allowed the company to survive over the years in a market where competition is fierce.

Shuntaro Furukawa, current president of Nintendo he has declared:

In the gaming industry there is not much we can do to reduce risk, our principle is to offer our customers innovative and unique ways to enjoy our games. We are not fixated on our consoles, at the moment we offer our experience with Switch and related software, but technologies are bound to change.

We will continue to think flexibly about how to deliver our expertise over time, but our focus may shift from home consoles to other industries, it’s important to be flexible as well as ingenious.

I’d like to increase the amount of smartphone games, which have a steady stream of revenue.

What do you think?