Nintendo and TAG Heuer launch a Super Mario-inspired smartwatch! But it’s not for everyone

The celebrations for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario are coming to an end, but Nintendo has not stopped signing a collaboration with the famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturer TAG Heuer to launch a smartwatch inspired by the image of one of its greatest figures. .

TAG Heuer and Nintendo have worked together to offer Super Mario fans a smartwatch that allows them to represent the mascot of their favorite Japanese video game maker in an elegant way.

The only downside will be the price of this smartwatch, which will be around $ 2,150 (which is equivalent to € 1,812). Worse still, the two brands have already announced that TAG Heuer’s new smartwatch will be launched exclusively, with only 2000 units to make.

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TAG Heuer and Nintendo’s smartwatch has a high price and a limited number of units

This new smartwatch from the Swiss brand uses Google’s Wear operating system and offers users a wide range of digital displays with references to Super Mario and his adventures, mixing the innocence of video games with the class of TAG Heuer products.

The smart watch also does not neglect the careful presentation, with the bracelet and digital buttons that represent the colors of Nintendo and Super Mario and the crown with the famous ‘M’ characteristic of the character it wants to honor.

On the back of the TAG Heuer Connected line smartwatch we can find various optical sensors and a reference to the particular model in homage to the most famous plumber on the planet.

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This smartwatch also has a 430 mAh battery, fitness sensors including heart monitoring, and built-in GPS location. Sales start on July 15, but you will need to have deep pockets to secure a unit.

via: TAG Heuer

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