New exciting details for Call of Duty: Black Ops II!

In these last hours, Activision has released interesting details regarding Call of Duty Black Ops II and today we want to share them with you dear readers.

  • The multiplayer will be set in 2025
  • Clear and completely different menus to the previous chapters
  • Ability to create a class after acquiring a particular rank
  • Numerous combinations for the creation of the soldier
  • 10 slots for customization
  • Wave Scanner for immediate identification of moving targets
  • Possibility to remain invisible to radar
  • New weapons
  • ScoreStreak introduced
  • Riot shields
  • New machine guns that allow you to fire the first 2 shots of a charge with greater force
  • Smoke grenades and flashbangs
  • Tactical grenades that immobilize the enemy
  • Killstreaks become ScoreStreaks
  • Possibility of carrying out UAV reconnaissance
  • Air-to-ground bombing confirmed
  • Ability to use a Sentinel drone
  • Introduction of the Microwave
  • 55 levels and 10 prestige ranks
  • To unlock everything, players will have to reset their stats many times
  • 3 hints available after reaching a certain score
  • New modalities
  • Introduction of the CODCast
  • League Play mode introduced
  • Ability to broadcast players’ exploits via CODCast
  • The confirmed maps are: Aftermath, Cargo, Yemen and Turbine.
  • Aftermath set in the ruins of downtown Los Angeles
  • Yemen made up of small dusty roads on the island of Socotra
  • Cargo set in Singapore
  • Whirlwind is a map full of wrecks and roads
  • Confirmed modes: Hard Point and Multi-Team

For now we stop here with the details, but surely over the next few weeks we will have more info on the campaign. We remind you that the game is expected for the end of 2012 and will continue the events left pending in Black OPS. We will experience the various chapters of the game in the form of memories of the aging protagonist.

How does the multiplayer of Black Ops seem to you according to these interesting details? To you the comments and personal considerations!