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Movistar UHD decoder: complete installation guide

Movistar UHD decoder: complete installation guide

If you have already given the jump to 4K or UHD acquiring a television of that resolution, with Movistar+ you will have the opportunity to see the best audiovisual content in the best possible quality. Thanks to your TV and the Movistar UHD Decoder.

Best of all, you can disconnect your current Movistar decoder and install your new Movistar UHD Decoder. It hardly requires any configuration and will work right out of the box. With this you will have access to HD catalog of Movistar+ but also to UHD content. And if, on top of that, you are a Netflix user, its catalog will be integrated into the decoder.

Below we explain all the advantages of the UHD Movistar decoder, how to request it as Movistar customer and how to install it yourself in your home when you receive it.

I want a Movistar UHD Decoder

Let’s start with the important. You have a 4K or UHD TV and you want to have access to Movistar+ UHD content. For this you will need a Movistar UHD decoder. There are two models to choose from, the UHD decoder and the UHD Smart Wi Fi Set Top Box.

Both allow you to play Movistar+ UHD content. In addition, they allow you to enjoy the digital experiences of the Living Apps, allow you to interact by voice with the Movistar+ Voice Remote, and integrate the Netflix catalog if you have contracted it. The difference between one and the other is that the second connects to the Movistar Router wirelessly, through the wifi signal.

Other advantages of these UHD decoders is that they show a renewed interface. With it you can access TV channels and content more comfortably. In addition, it includes new features. For example, you can watch two channels at onceone of them in miniature or get related recommendations with the content you are viewing.

For the rest, the UHD decoder It costs €40 and the UHD Smart Wi Fi Set Top Box it costs €60. In both cases, it is a rental with a single payment. When you change decoder or unsubscribe from the service, you will have to return the decoder in one of the Movistar stores.

And we come to the important thing. To request one of the UHD decoders you will have to have contracted one of the modalities of Movistar Fusion. From their respective page, which we have linked above, you must click on «I’m interested» under the option «SELF INSTALLABLE» and follow the instructions. Basically you will receive a phone call to verify that the shipping information is correct and you will receive the decoder at your homeafter a few days, by courier.

How to install the decoder

You already have in your hands the package that contains your new UHD decoder in one of its two versions. In addition, it includes the Movistar+ Voice Commanda Ethernet cable to connect the desco to the router (except if it is wireless) and the corresponding power cable. And if you applied by phone, you’ll also get a HDMI cablealthough you can use the one that comes with your old decoder.

Installation is relatively simple. First, unplug the power cord of your current Movistar decoder. Also disconnect the HDMI cable and the Ethernet cable of the decoder. If they are in good condition, you can take advantage of both cables for the new Movistar UHD decoder. Except if it is Smart WiFi in the case of the Ethernet cable. Or if you prefer, you can also remove both cables from the TV and the Movistar router.

The second step depends on each one. Personally, I prefer start where we end uninstalling the old decoder. That is, first we connect the new HDMI and Ethernet cables. One will go from the TV to the UHD set top box and the other from the router to the UHD set top box.

With respect to HDMI cable. If your 4K TV is mid range or high end, you shouldn’t worry. But on some lower or mid range 4K TVs, not all HDMI inputs are 4K or UHD. In the manual of your TV you should check if the HDMI input you are going to use is HDCP 2.2 compliant or higher.

Once we have the Movistar UHD decoder connected to the television and the Movistar router, we only have to connect it to the electrical network with the power cord. Finally, we turn on the TV and the decoder with its back button.

During the first power up, the Movistar UHD decoder will perform some checks. After a few minutes, you will see the welcome screen from Movistar+. Everything ready to enjoy UHD content and Netflix, if you have it contracted. In the case of Netflix, to see its UHD content you must hire its premium version. And of course, you will also see all the HD content of Movistar + and Netflix that you have contracted.

If the UHD set top box you chose is Smart WiFi, when you turn it on for the first time, a connection wizard. This way you can choose the WiFi network and indicate the corresponding password. Once connected, it will make the relevant checks. And finally you will see the welcome screen from Movistar+.

When you have verified that your new decoder works correctly, remember that you must return the old device in any of the Movistar stores that is near your home.

The Movistar+ Voice Command and the Living Apps

We have highlighted that the Movistar UHD Decoder allows you to watch movies, series, documentaries and sports live. With HD quality but also with 4K or UHD quality. Thanks to the Movistar+ catalog and the Netflix catalog, integrated into the decoder. But there is more.

Next to the UHD decoder you will have a new control, the Movistar+ Voice Command. In addition to the usual functions, it will allow you to control the content you enjoy on Movistar+ through your voice. In this link you can discover all the details.

If you are a Fusion customer and you also have the UHD Decoder at home, you will also have access to the Living Apps digital experiences. To access you just have to enter Movistar+, select “Apps”, in the top menu, and choose the Living App that interests you the most. Enjoy between experiences of entertainment, sports, culture, training, TVcommerce or management, among others.