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Movistar Plus+ Vocal Remote: guide to make the most of it

Movistar Plus+ Vocal Remote: guide to make the most of it

Do you know what the first remote control was called? Lazy Bones, correct! In another post we already told you the story of television controls, whose main objective was to skip the commercials. Now, seventy years later, its features cover a wide range of possibilities, which have nothing to do with the initial idea.

Buttons and keys are gradually becoming things of the past, thanks to the rise of virtual assistants integrated into these new smart devices. According to a study, 68% of users believe that a virtual assistant makes their lives easier. For this reason, until 2024 the use of remote controls to control television will be carried out almost entirely by voice.

The Movistar Plus+ Voice Commandis one of these devices revolutionize the relationship between the client and the platform of entertainment, since it not only allows you to skip the ads, but also to carry out numerous actions such as controlling the playback of content. Also offers recommendations of movies, series, programs, Y facilitates access to Living Apps, digital experiences in Movistar Plus+. It is an all terrain vehicle that is part of the Hogar Movistar ecosystem, offering a smarter, more connected, safer and more fun home. In this guide we tell you about the technical characteristics, the activation and the star functionalities of the Movistar Plus+ Voice Command. So stay tuned!

Technical characteristics of the device

The device has several features, which will make you have a Much easier interaction with your television. Among them stand out:

How to activate Aura in the Movistar Plus+ Voice Remote

To activate the remote you have to stand in front of your decoder. Must be on. Press the «Aura» button on the Movistar Plus+ Voice Remote. A blue light will turn on in the upper left corner of the device. Then follow the instructions that you will see on the screen. It is important that in this step you accept the conditions of use of the service. When the activation process is complete, you will see a confirmation message on your TV. Bring the controller close to your mouth, press the « buttonAura» and say «What do you know how to do?», so that it shows you on the screen the functionalities that will make your leisure life much easier.

The default device is set to Infrared (IR) mode. If you want it switch to Bluetooth (BLE), you must have the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder. To activate the connection via Bluetooth, press the button “Aura” on your remote control and the process of linking the remote and the decoder will begin. During the process, a blue light will turn on in the upper left corner of the remote and the process information will be broken down on the screen.

To see if you have it configured in Bluetooth or Infrared mode, simply press two keys at random and you will see a light come on, which is located in the upper left corner of the device. If the light is GREEN, your Movistar Plus+ Voice Remote is in Infrared mode. If otherwise it is BLUE it is working in Bluetooth mode.

Discover everything that Aura can do for you

Discover everything you can do by pressing the Aura button and saying: “What do you know how to do?” If you want to know all the functionalities of the device, click here. Now yes, lie on the sofa and let Aura do the rest for you!