Motorola XT720 Announced, Android 2.2 Ports to Droid

Good news for Droid owners and Motorola fans in Europe today! Motorola announced in a press release that the Motorola Milestone XT720 (which managed to slide below my rader) will be heading to European markets very soon. In Motorola Milestone related news, MyDroidWorld released a solid version of an Android 2.2 ROM for the Motorola Droid that is sure to please many Droid owners.

The Motorola Milestone XT720 (pictured above and below) is Motorola’s newest Android phone, which appears to be a hardware upgrade version of the Droid, without a QWERTY keyboard.

Device specs taken from BoyGeniusReport and Motorola’s press release include:

Android 2.1
8 MP camera with xenon flash and 10x digital zoom
3.7 ″ 480 x 854 pixel screen 720p HD camcorder with 8GB HDMI MicroSD output including up to five home screens Built-in 512MB storage and 256MB RAM 550MHz Cortex A8 processor 1390mAh battery FM radio

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MobileCrunch notes that the phone is “scheduled to launch in the EU / UK next month, with no other details on pricing or worldwide launch available at this time.”

Engadget writes that “the ergonomics of the phone feel bad. The touchscreen surface had too much friction, preventing the light bumps that characterize the best devices in this class, and the redundant bulge on the bottom right of the phone also doesn’t help matters. ” They also note that the phone’s bands are compatible with T-Mobile USA’s 3G network, which could mean that the US market will see this phone in the near future.

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Go to YouTube to see an ad for the device.

Motorola XT720 Announced, Android 2.2 Ports to Droid

Those Droid users who can’t wait for Motorola to officially roll out FroYo on their phones can install Android. 2.2 on their phones now, thanks to MyDroidWorld getting a working FroYo port on the Motorola Droid. Wi-Fi wasn’t supported at first, but AndroidandMe reports that Wi-Fi has already been addressed, and you can go here to get it.

AndroidCentral mentioned that this is “an exciting day for all Droid owners, although it would also be nice to have an official launch.”

Motorola XT720 Announced, Android 2.2 Ports to Droid

In case you haven’t heard it yet, we are only providing the information to keep you on your way if you want to give this a try. The risk of locking your phone should not be taken lightly (unless you have money to waste).

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Images of EuroDroid and AndroidandMe

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