Motorola Launching 20 Android Phones This Year

Yesterday, SlashGear published an article stating that Motorola will launch 20 new Android phones this year. According to the article, Tom Satchwell, director of marketing for Motorola’s mobile device business, had a chat with SlashGear and said that over the course of this year, 20 phones would be introduced in various markets around the world.

As for how many of those 20 will actually be different phones, Phandroid mentions that “we already know that Motorola likes to launch the same devices with different names and with slightly different internals and external.”

AndroidGuys comments on how many devices have yet to be released or announced, saying:

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Assuming that Satchwell means 20 phones over the course of the entire year, I only count 10 devices on Motorola’s product page since 2010. So even at the low end, we could see 10 more. At the higher end, we were able to see 20 over the next 6 months. Either of the two figures suits me.

The 20 phone figure includes both phones that will be released internationally, including the US, as well as phones that may never make it to the US or never leave the US.

SlashGear notes at the end of their story that they are “tentatively concerned that the same could happen with the new XT720, introduced today, which will similarly launch through distributors; Motorola is not talking about partnerships with carriers yet. “

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Other sources: AndroidGuys, Phandroid

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