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Micromax YU5050 and YU4711: leak the day before launch

Micromax YU5050 and YU4711: leak the day before launch

It looked like the announcement of Micromax YU5050 and of Micromax YU4711 was preparing to be carried out in tranquility, without the usual tension due to rumors. But we have now learned that the leak they are omnipresent; fatality the specifications of these two smartphones were disclosed just the day before the official launch. Here are the details.

The leak of Micromax YU5050 and of YU4711 comes from two sources: a testing Geekbench and from Zauba, an Indian import – export company; first of all, the substantial price difference between the two smartphones was outlined, but let’s see the details that emerged.

Micromax YU5050

Micromax YU5050 will be a high-end device, a market area that the company does not usually cover. Here are the main features:

In the benchmark test it received a score of 1353 in mode single coreAnd 4622 in multi core. The price should be around € 279as the transport of a test YU5050 cost money, according to Zauba’s leak 20752 Indian Rupees.

Micromax YU4711

Micromax YU4711 will instead be the cheaper of the two smartphones, and will be equipped with much more modest features; in particular, RAM was drastically reduced. Here are some more details on the specs:

These notable power reductions have also caused the drastic decrease in performance, at least according to what the benchmark says: we are talking about a score of 263 for the single core test and of 743 for the multi core. YU4711 will certainly not be among the best devices of the Q4 2015.

The two devices will be officially announced in the evening, in case of updates then we will keep you informed! What do you think of these new smartphones Micromax? Tell us in the comments.