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Messenger Lite adds video call support

Messenger Lite adds video call support

Facebook Messenger it is certainly one of the most used applications on our smartphones, despite being often criticized for its impact on system performance and for excessive consumption. This is why it was recently launched Messenger Lite a lighter and more economical version, initially intended for developing countries, which subsequently spread across the globe. From today this lite version is enriched with a new feature.

The video call was a major feature not available in Messenger Lite. Voice calls had already been introduced for a while, the American company has been patient to add this last piece of the puzzle. Messenger Lite now has all the options for a complete communication appwho wants to challenge the recent Skype lite and applications Google Go.

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Despite this we remember that there are still several shortcomings compared to the standard version like stickers, GIF search, games and mobile payments. So if you can do without these features, Messenger Lite is definitely a great alternative. Allowing you to have all the communication options to a low weightas well as continuous support and updating by Facebook Inc.