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Messenger Kids lands on the Play Store

Messenger Kids lands on the Play Store

The new Facebook home app, Messenger Kids, arrives today on the Play Store. Unfortunately it is not yet available in our country. Find out what it is in our article.

Children’s involvement with technology has always been a sensitive issue. Today, the widespread concern for children is their involvement with social media. Some associations for the defense of minors have protested against the arrival of this new app. Messenger Kids is a highly modified version of the Messenger application that most of us use. In this new version, parents have complete control over who communicates with their children.

The app had already been challenged at the publication onApple Store last December. In fact, a letter signed by nineteen organizations and several other child advocates asked Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw the app.

However, the app is still active in Apple’s App Store and has been streamed live on the Amazon Appstore. Today Messenger Kids also arrives on the Google Play Store.

How does the app work?

Messenger Kids allows children to set their own “Child account” which is directly linked to a parent’s Facebook account. When the child starts a chat, or someone tries to chat with him, the app notifies the parent before the conversation can begin. If the parent approves, they allow the child to chat.

Messenger Kids addresses the shortage of child-friendly messaging apps available for mobile devices. Chat apps like Kik are essentially heaven for anyone with low moral purposes. These apps, in fact, are barely regulated and it is very easy to circumvent children. The new Facebook home app may not be the perfect solution, but it’s definitely a better solution than what’s currently available.

Ultimately the problem is not the technology, the problem is the lack of parental control over that technology. This new messaging app is at least trying to give parents that control.

Bottom line, parents seem to like the app – it has one 3.5 star rating on both the Apple App Store and the Amazon Appstore. In fact, many of the low reviews on Amazon come from people complaining that there is no version for Android.


You can download the Messenger Kids app from the Google Play Store starting today. Unfortunately the app is not yet available in our country. Even by downloading the apk, it will not be possible to complete the initialization of the app.

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