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Manage devices connected to your network with the Smart WiFi app

Manage devices connected to your network with the Smart WiFi app

It is usual that, over time, the list of devices connected to your WiFi network increase to the point that not all of them are easily recognizable. Is that iPhone yours or your partner’s? Is that laptop your son’s, yours or that friend’s who came home once?

Smart Wi Fi It makes it very easy for you to see the devices that access your WiFi or WiFi Plus network. The app is available to all customers Movistar Fusion and those who have hired a fiber optic bundle of Movistar. At a glance you will see them organized by device type. However, if there are many, you may want to organize them your way.

Let’s see everything you can do with Smart WiFi to administer and manage all your devices, your own or others, when they connect to your Movistar Router via network Wifi or Wi FiPlus. Now, thanks to Smart WiFi you can also manage your WiFi Mesh network. Wi Fi Mesh by Movistar (in Spanish, mesh system) allows you to have a single wireless connection, which can be extended to any part of the home automatically and safely. Thanks to this, it guarantees the best coverage stability at all times. The Smart WiFi Router is the Mesh controller while the Smart WiFi Amplifier acts as a node, optimizing the signal. Thanks to that You will always have an optimal connection without interruptions. If you go, for example, from the living room to the bedroom, your devices will automatically search for the WiFi node that provides the best coverage at all times. Also, as you will see in this post, you can manage it intelligently thanks to the Smart WiFi app.

Your devices connected and controlled

First of all, Smart Wi Fi is available to download for free on iPhone and Android. You must indicate your Movistar credentials to log in and see everything the app offers. There is also a version of Smart Wi Fi in form of Living App. At the end of this article we will talk about it.

But back to the mobile app Smart Wi Fi. in your tab Devices Your Movistar Router appears in the center surrounded by the devices connected to your network. Default, are classified by type device: computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, etc. If you don’t like how the devices are displayed, you can change it to list mode by clicking on See all.

You can also select two of them and activate the gaming functionality to prioritize WiFi network traffic on the selected devices. Now you can play with the best connection without the need for cables thanks to the opening of ports.

If you click on Router you will see its MAC address and its IP. And the best, you can restart it directly from your phone by pressing the button Restart. This will solve any connection problems. You can also install and configure signal repeaters such as the Smart Wi Fi Booster.

When you click on the categories and within each connected device, you will see their tabs. From them you can pause the connection so that they stop having access to the WiFi network temporarily. It will be up to you to return the connection.

If it is an unknown device or you do not want it to access your network, at the bottom of the tab you will see the button lock device. You can lock and unlock devices whether they are connected now or in the past and are indexed in Smart Wi Fi.

The tab offers more information, such as your first and last connection to your network, MAC and IP addresses, device manufacturer, operating system… And to better organize your connected devices, by clicking on Edit you can classify it by changing its type of device and even giving it another name. This will make it easier for you to know which devices are connected and whose they are.

The Smart Wi Fi Living App

In addition to the app Smart Wi Fi for iPhone and Android, you can use this practical Movistar tool from its Living App.

The only requirement is to be a client of Movistar Fusion and have a UHD decoder of Movistar or a UHD Smart Wi Fi Set Top Box. With your controller you can access the LivingAppswhere you will find the Smart Wi Fi.

In it you can Check which devices are connected to your WiFi network. If you want to temporarily pause the connection on one of them in particular, now you can too. Resume your connection in the same way, in an easy and intuitive way. And the second functionality to control the connection of the devices allows you to block the signal in case you see an intruder connected to your network. It is a very practical way to control connected users.

Both actions, that of pausing and blocking devices, can be done from the television with the Living App. To authorize these movements, a very simple process must be carried out. The first thing is to select the device, then you have to select the action; pause or resume, and lock or unlock. Once the device has been selected, you will only have to identify yourself as the owner to be able to carry out these actions. This is a security test to ensure that only the owner can authorize these actions. Once the permit has been validated, you have 10 minutes to make the changes you want.

You can also share your WiFi connection with a practical and comfortable QR code or change the name and password of the WiFi network, among other available options. Likewise, thanks to the integration of Secure Connection, the Smart WiFi Living App offers us information on security, such as being able to know the number of threats blocked in the last 30 days. If you haven’t activated the service yet, you can easily do so from 1004, Movistar.es, or from the Mi Movistar and Smart WiFi mobile apps.