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Living App Conecta Empleo: become an expert in digital skills from home with Movistar+

Living App Conecta Empleo: become an expert in digital skills from home with Movistar+

Maybe you don’t know what Growth Hacking, Data Analysis or Machine Learning is. Although it seems so, it is not an English exam, but rather some terms referring to the most demanded professions in the coming years. If you are interested in studying something related to digital skills, and you want to know which roles are most in demand, Telefónica offers you a tool that you can enjoy without leaving your sofa: the Living App Connect Employment to improve your digital skills adapted to the new work reality.

In this application you can find information about jobs in the world of technology and employability in general. It also has free courses and useful tips to improve your digital skills.

What is a Living App? Telefónica is committed to offering Movistar customers all the amenities and benefits the Movistar Home. In this ecosystem, devices, services and experiences merge so you can enjoy a much smarter, more connected and safer home. Among these digital experiences are the Living Apps on Movistar+, which combine digital services for entertainment, sports, culture, training, security, and much more.

How to strengthen your digital skills with the Living App Conecta Empleo

This application offers you interesting content about the most demanded digital jobs in Spain and the most required digital skills. In addition, it has advice to improve your employability and free courses. You can also find a brief description of Fundación Telefónica’s Conecta Empleo initiative, and general advice from historical figures such as waltdisney or Marie Curie. In the app you will have a QR code in each section to view the contents also from your mobile.

within category “Most demanded digital jobs in Spain” there is information about different professions. Examples are experts in security and systems, programmers or specialists in communication and design. Within that category you can also access your virtual Career Counselor, that helps you discover information in a personalized way.

You can ask for content about careers in demand, advice or directly to guide you in your search for courses. In addition, you have access to a map with the most demanded professions broken down by province.

Access employability skills and success stories

If you enter the section “Skills most in demand”, you can see the soft skills and hard skills that are required for each profession. For most of the offers, it is not only necessary to know, for example, programming, but also to have certain social skills. Here you can find out what certifications, tools or skills you may need for each role, and how to get them.

In addition, this section offers a course on skills for employment and 10 keys to employability according to Peridis. Another section includes “Characters of History” with information about relevant characters and quotes from them to encourage you to continue fighting for your goals, as they did in their day.

How to find courses to improve your employability

Entering the more practical area, the Living App Connect Employment he offers you free training courses to improve your employability or simply learn what interests you.

You have a wide range of free courses to choose from, for example, “Introduction to Video Games”, “Creating Apps” or “Programming with Java”. For example, in the video game course you have the opportunity to learn different design techniques. You will also discover the types of players that exist or the forms of rewards to be able to know all the phases to develop a video game.

What are you waiting for? expert? Do not lose sight of this Living App to discover all the news related to training and employability.

How to enjoy the Living App Conecta Empleo through voice

To be able to enjoy these experiences you only need to be a Fusion client and have the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder. You do not need to install anything else, or register. Access these applications using your remote control, selecting the section on the top menu of your television “Apps”. Once inside, you will see all the available applications such as the Living App Connect Employment.

If you also have the Movistar Home smart device or the Movistar+ Voice Remote, you can access thanks to Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant, to the Living Apps easily with just your voice. With Movistar Home it is enough to say “OK Aura, open Employment Connection”, and you will have all the contents at your disposal on the screen.

While this device needs the command “OK Aura” to wake up active listening and react to your requests, with the Movistar+ Voice Remote you only have to keep the button pressed “Aura” and say what you want. Gave “Open Connect Employment” and so you can also access that application.