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Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 Review: Entertainment and Productivity

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 Review: Entertainment and Productivity

In today’s review we talk about Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, a high-end tablet that winks at both entertainment and productivity. How does it behave in daily use? Let’s go find out!


Yoga Tab 13 retail box includes 30W power supply (at least in the unit I tested with UK plug), USB-C cable for charging, Micro-HDMI – HDMI cable it’s a Type-C to 3.5mm jack adapter. In short, inside we find everything you need to start using it immediately.

Construction and design

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 it has a much more generous size than average, thanks to an IPS display 13 “LCD: the body measures 293.3 x 204 x 6.2-24.9 mm, for a weight of 803g. These specifications offer all the benefits of a large screen while making the device comfortable to use at home or to carry in a backpack.

Under the display stands the presence of a JBL Dolby Atmos soundbar; about a third of the rear shell is occupied by a matte polycarbonate finish, while the upper part is in Alcantara in black, with the YOGA logo on the top left. This is a solution that I very much appreciated, as the latter avoids the excessive accumulation of fingerprints and prevents the tablet from sliding when placed on the legs or on a smooth surface. Not missing a
metal support, very useful for placing the tablet in an upright position or for hanging it while watching a film or series, even more so if you take the tablet on a train or plane. The very sturdy hook can also be used to lift the device when using it to write for a long time or to play titles that require you to use 4 or more fingers.

The upper edge houses two speakers and two microphones, the left a third microphone and the right the fourth microphone, the volume rocker and the power key. The right side of the sundbar houses the USC-C input, while the left end hosts the Micro-HDMI input.


The screen, as anticipated, is a 13 “IPS LCD with aspect ratio 16:10 e 2K resolution, with support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. THE colors I liked them: lively, faithful and well balanced, while the maximum brightness is perhaps the first Achilles heel of this device. At around 400 nits, it is a bit difficult to read the display clearly in direct sunlight, while indoors it is more than enough. The bezels, while not quite invisible, are still quite thin, considering that the upper one houses an 8MP camera and a T-sensoroF for 3D face unlock, very fast and accurate.


The technical sheet of Yoga Tab 13 it is really excellent even if not very recent: the processor is one Snapdragon 870, accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory not expandable, while the battery from 10.200mAh it is practically impossible to run out in a single day even if it is used very intensively. In this regard, with moderate home use it will take several days before having to plug it in again.
The performanceions are almost perfect: I have never experienced any lag or slowdowns, the opening of the apps is very fast and the multi-window is also really pleasant to use, with immediate passages from one app to another. Gaming proceeds smoothly even with titles that require high computing power without overheating the body and without frame drops. o rear stand, as mentioned, has always proved very solid, without bothering when folded.

The interface is very close to stock Android, with very few customizations; among these we find the Google Entertainment Space, recalled with a swipe to the right on the home screen. We can link our streaming service accounts to this space and receive advice on what to watch, read, play or listen to based on our

The multimedia sector shines: the screen is a pleasure for the eyes, while the soundbar returns a very good sound, which I never expected on a tablet: the maximum volume is very high, the sound is clean and crystal clear, even at very high volumes.

The supplied hdmi cable allows you to use the tablet as an external monitor, a solution that I very much appreciated for connecting it to the computer I work with.

I conclude with a nod to photographic sector: the only camera on board is the front one, more than enough for video calls and some selfies; we are not at the level of front cameras seen on high-end smartphones, but the definition and amount of detail is superior to that of many notebooks. I wouldn’t have disdained a rear sensor, especially for scanning documents, but during my test I didn’t particularly miss it.


Lenovo Ideapad 13 is in no uncertain terms a great tablet. Autonomy and performance are at the top and it is perfect for enjoying multimedia content thanks to the quality soundbar and large display. The stand on the back is a plus not bad, as well as the Micro-HDMI port, useful not
only for entertainment but also for work.
The list price is € 799, but currently you can find it at major electronics stores around € 599. A figure very interesting for such a device, certainly able to compete with other high-end tablets while offering unique features.