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Learn languages ​​quickly and easily with Políglota, the social methodology that adapts to your lifestyle

Learn languages ​​quickly and easily with Políglota, the social methodology that adapts to your lifestyle

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have wanted to have some magical device to get out of a conversation in which everyone speaks a different language from yours. You’re lucky! because this technology already exists, but are we sure that it is the best solution to a dilemma like this?

Learning a new language is not always as easy as it may seem at first. As we get older, things can get a bit more uphill. At first it was thought that it was due to age (they say that children’s brains are better prepared to learn new languages ​​like “sponges”). But this Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH) has been relegated as more rigorous studies have been proposed in the field of language learning.

In short, adults take longer to learn a language because we are embarrassed to be seen mispronouncing, we are busier than young people and we also focus more on writing than speaking a language. Taking these handicaps into account, they now seem easier to get around, right?

Professional coaches and classes adapted to your level

polyglot was born with the purpose that you remove all fears when discovering the linguistic richness of a new language. This method poses a learning methodology that adapts to your level so that you can achieve your goals without dying trying. With the help of professional coaches and talking with people of your same level in the language, in small groups, to get more personalized attention.

With Políglota you can choose between to learn English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese, in online sessions lasting an hour and a half. The schedules are very flexible, since they are designed so that the students can connect in those spaces that they have available, and thus participate in the group sessions with the coaches.

Within the app there are five levels: basic levels (A1, A2), intermediate levels (B1, B2) and advanced level (C). All based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If this is the first time you sign up, at Políglota they offer you the chance to take a completely free test to check your skills in the language you have chosen.

Continuous evaluation of the student

Does this mean I have to retest like when I was in high school? We have already given you the answer: no. And it is that, like many other online study modalities, Políglota is committed to the continuous evaluation of students throughout the course. The advantage of this evaluation system is that the student is aware of their progress from class to class. You can more easily see which areas of work you’ve become most proficient in, and which areas you need to work on a little more. Each student will always have the supervision of a coach, that will help you define the objectives and generate the necessary confidence so that each person can express themselves freely while learning languages ​​with the rest of their classmates, in addition to reviewing with each one the level of knowledge acquired to move on to the next level. In the end, learning languages ​​helps us communicate much more naturally and efficiently with those around us.

Do not hesitate and encourage yourself to live a collective learning experience with polyglot!