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Last day for Nokia, from tomorrow it will be Microsoft Mobile

Last day for Nokia, from tomorrow it will be Microsoft Mobile

The time has come to say: Goodbye NOKIA. From tomorrow we will no longer hear this name. Microsoft Mobile, this is the new logo that will replace the historic brand from the Finnish company, thanks to the agreement resulting in the acquisition in September 2013 for 5.5 billion dollars.

Actually the passage affects the section Nokia Device and Service, which however represents the strength of the company.The site will not disappear immediately, as well as the connected social networks, which will be managed by Microsoft for about a year. As for the employees, they will remain in charge of their duties, obviously having to report to the new management.

This is an important step, because one of the bulwarks of the telephony era is failing mobile. While it has not been a thriving company in recent years (ironically?), We cannot forget the fact that it was the latter that dominated the boom in this technology.

here is an excerpt from the press release that came to the editorial office:

“We welcome Nokia’s Devices and Services division which is now part of our family. The capabilities and assets in mobile devices that Nokia brings with it will advance us on our transformation journey Together with our partners, we will continue to pursue the goal of creating innovation faster for our world based on a “mobile-first, cloud-first” approach.

Microsoft therefore opens its doors to professionals in the sector and highly experienced, coming from over 130 offices in 50 countries around the world, including some centers for the design, development, production, marketing and sale of a wide range of “smart” devices, as well as mobile devices and services. As part of the acquisition agreement, Microsoft will fulfill warranty obligations to Nokia customers for existing devices.

In addition, with Nokia’s mobile phone division, Microsoft will target the low-cost device market segment, an opportunity valued at $ 50 billion annually, offering the first mobile experience to the next billion people and extending Microsoft services. to new customers all over the world.

In particular, in Italy, consumers appreciated the benefits of the Nokia Lumia family with the Windows Phone operating system, enabling the platform to achieve significant market share. The world of developers has also shown great interest in creating innovative applications capable of enriching the experience of Windows Phone devices.

So what will change in the future? Well, instead of finding mobile phones, smartphones and tablets with the classic Nokia brand, we will find them with a nice writing in the foreground: MM, Microsoft Mobile.