Last call to access one of the Data Transparency Lab scholarships

The Data Transperency Lab, created to investigate the flow of personal data on the internet, launches a global call that seeks to find the 10 most innovative projects on the use of data on the internet.

We have been surfing the internet for decades, visiting stores and making purchases online. From chat rooms we have moved on to social networks and instant messaging applications. From doing a couple of daily searches now every time we enter Google, we have our user open and we receive suggestions on the results page based on our tastes and interests. The last to arrive, the Fitbit-type wearables, take control of all our offline physical activity. In short, we have gone from anonymity to being constantly leaving traces of our activity both physical and digital.

Luckily, we are increasingly aware of the dangers that threaten the privacy of our data and we are gradually taking action on the matter. But this is not easy and for the average user it is a great effort to have their data properly protected. To help them, the Data Transparency Lab (DTL) has been created, a project that seeks reveal the actual flow and use of users’ personal data on the network.

One of the first DTL initiatives launches a global call that seeks to find the 10 most innovative projects on the use of data on the internet. Each of the winning projects will receive funding of up to 50,000 euros. Their objective is to promote research in various fields that help to have a greater control over the processing of personal information on a website more and more open.

The topics should be focused on the development of tools, platforms, measurements and reverse engineering methodologies, for the use of online services; collection of personal data in online services; analysis of personal data for the preservation of privacy; o increase social and user awareness.

The deadline for the presentation of candidate projects for one of the ten awards ends on 15 th of May and all the information about the call can be found on this web page.

Abuses on the web are becoming more and more common. As in the physical world, the larger the market, the greater the interest of certain companies to profit unethically. For this reason, the institutions behind the DTL have an interest in fostering the development of new ideas that help maintain a more open, sustainable and transparent with advertising, e-commerce and online analytics.

David del Val already spoke about the Data Transparency Lab in this blog. With his post, he made us a little more aware of the growing dangers of the web and therefore of the urgent need to act to protect the personal data of all users. Such a complex challenge requires great support, and for this reason, this recently created initiative has, apart from all the support of Telefónica, with the collaboration of large institutions such as the MIT Human Dynamic Lab, the Open Data Institute, the Center for the Digital Economy, University of Surrey or the Mozilla Foundation.

Images via | Flickr (Good Search) and (Hernán Piñera)