Kratos was ‘annoying’ and was almost cut from God of War, reveals director

Have you ever imagined a God of War without Kratos? Believe me: the Ghost of Sparta was at risk of being cut from the last game, revealed Cory Barlog, the creative director, during the Gamelab event in Barcelona. The information is from Eurogamer.

“At the beginning of the conversation, people said that we needed to get rid of Kratos. It was, like, ‘he’s annoying’, ‘he already did’. (…) Kratos is not God of War, Greek mythology is God of War, “said the director, explaining that the warrior was conceived as an anti-hero at a time when such characters were scarce in games.

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The team even suggested a new protagonist – a different figure from Atreus, who only exists because of Kratos, since he is the son of man – under the argument that mythology was more important to the franchise than a character. “They really didn’t like the character. They wanted someone new. It took me a long time to convince them that it would be a good idea ”, revealed Barlog.

The reason for the Spartan to change his behavior was the existence of his son, Atreus, who acts as a kind of moral compass of the journey, extracting a more human side from his father. About this, the director says that “it was not a popular decision in the beginning”.

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And you, imagine God of War without Kratos? Give your opinion below, in the comments section.

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