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Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide: How to keep everything in case of arrest

Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide: How to keep everything in case of arrest

In Kingdom Come Deliverance in case of theft, murder or other crimes there are basically 4 ways to get out of an unpleasant situation, let’s find out together what they are and how to avoid losing everything in case of arrest.

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How to avoid losing your equipment following arrest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

If you commit crimes, you can get out of them as follows:

When you go to a city and commit a theft in the presence of witnesses, they will go to alert the guards, who will reach you threateningly, ready to eliminate you, unless you promptly press the indicated keys to surrender.

Following your surrender, you will be asked for a certain amount of money, if you cannot or want to pay it, you can always opt for the dialogue, choosing one of the 3 available items, which of course will only work if you are an expert in the sector, for this we advise you to talk a lot. Choose carefully which of the 3 items to use, because if you fail it will be very difficult to give the guard a drink with the remaining answers.

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If you don’t have enough ability to influence the guard with your speeches or enough money to pay the fine, you can always run away. In this case we suggest that you call the horse into question (If you don’t have it, we recommend that you consult our article Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide: How to get a horse), avoid pressing B / O several times, because the horse could make you fall to the ground, thus ending up in the hands of the guards.

As a last resort, there is to admit to the guard that you do not have enough money and want to serve the sentence in prison, the latter option, as in the case of the character’s death, will result in the loss of everything you have accumulated or should we say stolen. But there is a loophole to keep the loot, here’s how:

At this point we advise you to sleep to save progress (at least 6 hours) or you can always resort to Grappa del Salvatore, which can be purchased from one of the many merchants present in the game, but we anticipate that it has a very high cost.