Keweno already serves more than 2,500 restaurants

Emtrics, one of the Spanish startups in the program Wayra, the network of accelerators Telefónica Open Future, continues to grow. According to the latest data, more than 2,500 restaurants along the 35 countries they already have the services of their application, Kenewo.

Telefónica Open Future was born a year ago with the aim of connect to entrepreneurs, investors, startups and public and private organizations from all over the planet. Bringing all the actors who can add value A project is essential for its success, and the program is a great tool to achieve this.

The model on which it is based Open Future tries to give visibility to talent, and put it in contact with organizations from which it can be nurtured. Its purpose is to integrate the latest in innovation, entrepreneurship and transformation of Telefónica to develop initiatives to support entrepreneurship.

Open Future It has different proposals focused on different segments of the population. For instance, Think Big Youth It is aimed at people between 15 and 25 years old, to offer them the necessary training to start their projects. The program Talent, on the other hand, promotes talent with different scholarship programs; for children and young people, for university students with technological careers, and for young people who want to do business internships.

Specifically, the initiative that interests us most in this case is Wayra, the network of accelerators of Telefónica. On average, the startups in the Wayra program achieve 472,000 euros of investment, a figure that in many cases is crucial for the implementation of these. And this is just one of the reasons why these types of initiatives are so interesting and necessary for entrepreneurs.

Emtrics, a success story

Emtrics, one of the Spanish startups accelerated by Wayra, is the creator of Keweno, a platform that allows customers of any establishment to comment on its services and characteristics, through a very simple system of emoticons. In addition, the owner of the premises can view these notifications in real time, and immediately contact the customer, to respond to their comments and strengthen their loyalty.

Launched only 4 years, the platform is already present in 25,000 restaurants Distributed in 35 countries, on both sides of the Atlantic. And it is to be proud of it: restaurant customers have already responded to more than a million questions, and more than 100,000 comments.

In the words of Íñigo Serrano, CEO of Emtrics, Wayra has been fundamental in the development of the startup, since it has helped them in the definition of the project, in the search for financing and in the achievement of each of the objectives. Currently they manage to capture more than 250 restaurants every month.

And the best is yet to come, as predictions point to Emtrics achieving quintuple the number of associated establishments in the next three years. Best of luck on your journey!