Kena 7.99: the offer returns with minutes, sms and 130 gigabytes

Kena 7.99 is the advantageous offer that the virtual company, in the month of May, is putting at the service of some consumers.

Kena Mobile Offers: Fee 7.99

Let’s take a look at the main features of this promotion. Specifically, the bundle made available to the user byKena offer 7.99 includes:

  • unlimited minutes to make calls to all national mobile and fixed network numbers;
  • unlimited sms towards all numbers;
  • 130 Giga of data traffic for web browsing.

The fee to be paid to subscribe to the offer amounts to 7.99 euros per month. Activation can only be requested by customers already contacted by the sales department.

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In case of possible variations, we suggest to constantly keep an eye on the official site and to continue to follow us to be always updated on all the news regarding the latest and most attractive Kena Mobile offers.