Keira Knightley resigns from Apple TV + ‘Essex Serpent’ due to family reasons

Reports indicate that Keira Knightley left the Apple TV + series “The Essex Serpent” six weeks before production began.

Hollywood actress Keira Knightly was set to join the ranks of Apple TV + Superstars for the adaptation of “The Essex Serpent.” He left the series before production could begin to cite “family reasons.”

The report states that she was not comfortable with the extended period of childcare required for the production of nearly five months. This is the first big star to leave Apple TV + production due to the pandemic, although many shows have delayed the production of their premiere or second season because of it.

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“The Essex Serpent” is an adaptation of a novel that follows a recently widowed woman who moves to Essex. She is then intrigued by a mythical creature known as the Essex Serpent that has returned to the area.

Apple is investing heavily in its streaming service and hopes to attract new users with a new “Apple TV 6” set-top box, a subscription package called Apple One, and an extended free trial. “The Essex Serpent” does not have a release window selected, but it will likely debut sometime in 2021.

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