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Irene Gómez: “Women have to play an important role in this new digital age”

Irene Gómez: “Women have to play an important role in this new digital age”

Irene Gómez, Global Director of Telefónica Aura, and Julia Llanos, Aura Global Use Cases Manager, tell us about the latest advances in Aura, the challenges of the future, the importance of incorporating women in the technological field and Telefónica’s commitment to ethics and transparency.

“Aura is a challenge, a project that grows day by day”, is how Irene Gómez defines it. She was one of the first people to actively participate in the presentation of her at the Mobile World Congress in 2017. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed by and for customers to be able to interact in a natural, personalized and simple way with Telefónica.

Julia Llanos and her team also have a lot to do with the development of this cognitive intelligence. “The purpose of Aura is the same as it was in the beginning, although it now supports other experiences, such as including third parties,” she says.

Expansion of Aura in the countries

Aura is present in eight countries (Brazil, Spain, Argentina, United Kingdom, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Germany) and will be launched in a few months in one more, Uruguay. The unusual and genuine thing about this AI is that it is being able to adapt to the culture, way of communicating and real customer needs of Telefónica in each of the countries with different use cases and experiences. In this regard, Irene comments that it is the countries that have to take the progress of the project as their own, and with their knowledge of the business, apply this new technology so that we continue to be relevant to customers.

The #Hacker Women of Telefónica

“If we agree that AI and new technologies represent a change of era, we have to ensure that women have an important role in the design of this world. We have to create a world for everyone”, says Irene, who also points out the importance of women having this opportunity from childhood and that we motivate them to see that they can also work in a technological field.

In this way, Telefónica has a firm commitment to diversity as a source of talent, and is committed to the internal promotion of women executives until reaching 30% in management positions by 2020. In addition, it actively promotes the study of STEM careers in girls, thanks to events such as Girls Inspire Tech (GIT) .

Ethics and transparency at Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the first companies in the world to have Ethical Principles in AI, guidelines that are followed when designing, developing or using Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the CDO unit is going to launch the Aura Transparency Center, which, in the words of Julia Llanos, “is a tool that will offer transparency on user data so that they know what data the company has. Even in the future, this information will be able to be downloaded or transferred to other companies with the ultimate goal of controlling what Telefónica has”.

future challenges

In this regard, Irene commented on three major challenges: that we are going to have to constantly recycle ourselves, have the ability to quickly incorporate technology into the company, and lastly, on a political and social level. , have a regulatory and ethical framework to apply Artificial Intelligence.

Don’t miss the full interview in our video.