Install Google Chrome extensions on Android and iPhone from my mobile

Google Chrome is one of the favorite browsers worldwide by users, since it contemplates all the best utilities and applications to solve and offers the most successful solutions, in the face of the actions that any person wishes to perform, in order to support them and provide them with the best performance on the network.

Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android and iPhone From my Mobile

In fact, Google has offered various applications on our mobiles that are excellent and deliver endless benefits to meet the needs of users. As part of this fact, you must log into the Google Chrome browser to find the extensions that publicly lend that have reached the most downloads on devices such as Android and iPhone.

Is it possible to install Chrome extensions on Android?

The extensions were included in the Google browser Chrome on any laptop or pc, however, despite the new updates on the devices, various extensions can now be purchased on Android and iPhone very easily and simply, guaranteeing to accelerate and optimize Google Chrome on our mobile for a better service .

For mobile devices, installing and managing extensions for the convenience of users in browsers will provide better performance in the information search through google Chrome, both in Android devices as well as IOS implements.

The extensions provide greater contributions to the exploration on the internet, especially in this type of browser present in mobile devices. Updating Google Chrome on our devices is very essential if we want to have alternative applications that run comfortably.

Instructions to install Google Chrome extensions on Android

Extensions for Google browsers on Android devices, they have successfully benefited device users, since their functionality has improved the performance of the exploration and has led to new uses of Google browsers with greater emphasis on the use of alternative applications.

Steps to install Chrome extensions on your mobile

One of the ways to install Chrome extensions on your mobile device is through the Kiwi browser. To install Kiwi you just have to access Google Play and download the application.

Once you have downloaded the Kiwi browser, open one of its tabs and press the 3 dots in the right corner. In the drop-down menu select “Extensions.”

Then you can click on the name “Google” or “Open Kiwi store”, although both options lead to the Chrome extensions store. How the Chrome extension store works on mobile devices it is quite similar to how it works on a computer.

After you select and install the extension you want (It is important to note that some are not compatible) you must press again the browser drop-down menu.

The new extension you have installed should appear in the drop-down menu. To activate it you just have to click on it and manage it as you prefer.

Yandex for Android: The Chromium-based Browser

To have this performance on Android, it is necessary to download a browser very similar to Chrome, called “Yandex Browser”. This server is intended to improve navigation through the different extensions that may be included for availability and functionality.

To start with the Yandex Browser inclusion process, it is necessary to enter the Play Store, where you will look for this browser to download and install it on the mobile device. After installing this new Chrome browser, you must place a link in the URL where you will be able to add the various extensions.

The link is “”, Through this link you can perform the different installations on your mobile to enter the extensions you want in the browser. In this way, adding tools in the Yandex browser will be very simple and you will have a more extensive service when using it.

Chrome extension support

The best thing about installing extensions on a mobile device through Yandex is that the browser is compatible with every Chrome extension.

Therefore, through the Yandex browser, it is possible get all the features that the Chrome browser has, especially when it comes to extensions.

Add extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Once you have installed the Yandex browser, you can go directly to the Chrome extensions page. As we have mentioned previously, for this you can enter in the search engine:

Then the Chrome extensions page will open on the screen. To download a certain extension, you just have to enter its name in the search bar and press “Add to Chrome”.

Your new extension will appear in the extensions menu of the Yandex browser. To activate, deactivate or manage it, you just have to give click on it and configure its settings.

How to use extensions in Google Chrome on an iPhone mobile

To add extensions on our iPhone, it is complicated since at present it is not possible to perform downloads in browsers, since Apple does not allow this action to be executed due to the fact that it does not authorize installations of applications that do not come from its app store or app store to download.

For the Apple company, offer permissions for downloads from outside the extensions offered by the App Store, is a guaranteed loss to the attributions and jobs that are promoted within this great emporium, therefore, it is not a good idea to let other applications be included in devices such as iPhones.

Is it possible to install Google Chrome extensions on IOS or IPhone?

Although it is true, although the possibility of include extensions in a device’s browsers iOS, there are certain browsers that can be downloaded from the App Store, such as “Safari”, which provides multiple tools to provide the best browsing benefit to its users.

With this information you will be able to experience the different extensions and applications that you can install on your mobile device, to get various tools that contribute to an improvement when using device browsers such as Android and iPhone.

Safari Browser: The Best Alternative

As we have mentioned, the best alternative to install Chrome extensions on IOS or iPhone is through the Safari browser. This browser can be downloaded from the app store.

To install extensions in Safari, the first thing you should do is open the browser as usual and click on “Safari extensions”.

This will open a new tab in the browser. In it will appear various extensions that you can install, to choose one in a certain way, you can enter its name in the search bar. Or if well, slide between the options that appear.

It is important to bear in mind that some extensions are paid, for which you must click on “Get price” and then log in with your apple ID account.

Once you install any Safari extension on the IOS or IPhone device, you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen to enable the extension.

In case the extension does not activate automatically, you can go to browser preferences and click on the extensions section.

Next to the name of the extension you want to activate, a check box appears on which you must click. In this way you can start use your extension.