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IBM launches SkillsBuild for you to learn, free and online, digital skills

IBM launches SkillsBuild for you to learn, free and online, digital skills

SkillsBuild is a new free platform to learn digital skills such as web development, customer management, etc.

Knowledge does not take up space and the Internet is full of educational resources for all ages. And it is no longer enough to stop learning at school age, in your own profession you need expand knowledge constantly.

Hence, online courses arise on all imaginable topics, some proposed by universities or large companies. It is the case of SkillsBuilda platform created by the blue giant, IBMso you can comfortably expand your digital skills.

The idea is not new. Google, itself, has a similar platform. IBM’s, for example, has agreements with other companies and associations spread all over the world. And to start studying, you just have to register for free.

learn online

Although the informative page of SkillsBuild is available in several languages, including Spanish, the training material only has a version in english, french and german.

To get started you just have to register. You can use an account IBM, Google or LinkedIn. Once registered, you log in and you will be redirected to the portal itself. From there you can search for specific topics or see the full list.

Artificial intelligenceblockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of things, digital transformation… But also other more generic topics such as financial fundamentalsresilience, create your own online brand, look for work or work from home.

Each topic is organized into content that can go from a web page with content or directly videos with talks. Whatever it is, indicate the time you will need to consult said content. There are also activities that combine theory and practice.

at your own pace

As with similar platforms, SkillsBuild it can be used at the time of day you prefer and spend as much time as you can. There are no schedules.

Additionally, you will also find events, talks and colloquiums that you can follow from a distance. you will know in advance what is it about, when is it celebrated and the language of the lecturer.

And to encourage learning, SkillsBuild promotes the consumption of its educational resources by awarding badges that certify that we have dedicated X hours to that subject.

You will find more details on the information page of SkillsBuild in Spanish.

More free training in digital skills

Telefonica Foundation It also has a platform that offers numerous free training courses in the digital environment. Also has the Movistar App version with which you can access information on the most demanded digital jobs, as well as training content from Movistar+. You just need to be a Movistar Fusión customer and have the UHD Decoder.

Another platform that offers interesting courses in digital skills is MiríadaX.