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I7500 Root Guide: The samsung Galaxy meets root

I7500 Root Guide: The samsung Galaxy meets root

Here is the first guide for getting root permissions on Samsung Galaxy. The procedure is quite risky and therefore not recommended, but it is still a good example of how it is possible to have root permissions even on this phone. Beware that this guide has particular steps so there may be some steps at risk of bricking the phone .. If you do not have any experience in this regard, you should wait a few days for the procedure to normalize.
Moreover the guide will replace the kernel with the new one which will enable root for you. However this kernel was built for non-Italian devices and therefore there might be something different.
For those wishing to contribute to the community and want to send us the file at step 6 definitely the android community will cook a special kernel for ita devices. (If you want to contribute to the evolution of this procedure, click here and here) Here is the guide 🙂

Guide to root the Samsung Galaxy

  1. Download this file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=65F8MP3W.
  2. Launch New PC Studio on Windows
  3. Connect the phone via USB
  4. Manually launch “NPSMitsBinaryUpgrade.exe“Located in” C: Program FilesSamsungSamsung New PC Studio (depends on Windows version) “
  5. Start the update and download it (even if your phone has already been updated).
  6. Once downloaded and unpacked, do not click on “Next” but get the update file in: “C: Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataSamsungNew PC StudioLinuxMitsBU6GT-i7500I7500BOGIG8I7500XXIG8I7500XXIG8_500”. It is the compressed tar file
  7. Now you will need linux … Copy the file and replace the kernel file in the tar file with the one downloaded above (from linux to preserve the correct permissions).
  8. Copy the new file over the original one in Windows
  9. Finish the update procedure

After a reboot via ADB from the terminal, your Samsung Galaxy will work as root.

To enable permissions also from the phone:

  1. From ADB enter the phone with: adb shell
  2. Then give the following commands:

mount -o remount, rw -t yaffs2 / dev / block / mtdblock3 / system
cd system / bin
cat sh> su
chmod 4755 on

Now you have root permissions enabled even by logging in from adb 🙂

The operation has already been tested, but we would need someone to send us the tar file (the one in step 6) to be able to run tests and create the hack for the Italian firmware version.

Well what about, nice rooting 🙂