Huawei will continue to lose its leadership in production in 2021

In 2020, there was an 11% annual drop in smartphone production volume at major brands such as Huawei and Samsung. A report from the statistics firm TrendForce revealed an expected decline in the production of smartphones worldwide.

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This decline is primarily attributed to the global COVID pandemic. 19. TrendForce adds that in 2020, they produced 1.5 billion units of smartphones.

The most negative impact is noted in Huawei, which is descending more and more in the list of manufacturers with the highest production volume. Although it remains in third place, the forecasts are negative.

If 2021 has a similar impact to 2020 on smartphone production, Huawei may witness a drastic reduction in production, according to TrendForce projections.

Huawei’s position remains at risk

Brands with Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are being relentless in their growth, mainly taking advantage of markets where Huawei is losing ground.

In Portugal, for example, Oppo is starting to gain a good market share, which is growing rapidly. All these Chinese brands are taking advantage of the difficult situation of the Chinese giant to “eat” sales.

The largest smartphone manufacturers by production volume

    Samsung – 263 million Apple – 199 million Huawei – 170 million Xiaomi – 146 million Oppo – 144 million Live – 110 million

As you can see, Xiaomi and Oppo are competing for fourth place in the world, “nipping at Huawei’s heels”. In fact, it is an unfortunate situation for Huawei, but as long as the political problems are not resolved, it is likely that there will be no major changes.

Without Google, it is very difficult to succeed in the world of Android smartphones, outside of China. Even with Huawei’s gigantic resources, the brand is struggling in European markets.

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