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Huawei Nexus: the first real photos leaked online

Huawei Nexus: the first real photos leaked online

Less and less is missing from the official presentation scheduled between October and November of the new smartphones Nexus (2105) which this year will be produced – in collaboration with Google – by LG and Huawei respectively. The model created by the latter was today paparazzi in Shanghai in the hands of a probable employee who published the shots on the Google+ Nexus communities.

A couple of days ago a YouTube user had created and published a video containing a rendering very “faithful” to the rumors and to the Huawei style that portrayed the future Nexus of the Chinese house.

Today, after the leaked images of the Nexus produced by LG, Tiesen Fu, a probable Huawei employee (or Nexus looking at his G + profile) has published three photos on the Google social network that portray – finally – what appears to be the 2015 Nexus made by Huawei.

Therefore confirmed the unibody metal body with two front speakers and camber on the top that justifies the variable thickness from 6.6 and 8.5 mm (other dimensions 159.4 x 78.3 mm). The display should measure 5.7 ″ with a QHD resolution.

The third image instead depicts the same smartphone protected by a black case that leaves room for the already confirmed 360 ° fingerprint sensor born for the first time in a Huawei home with Mate 7.

We are only in August and the rumors about the new Nexus devices are now skyrocketing, that Google wants to surprise us sooner than expected?