HTC EVO 4G breaks Sprint’s sales record and gets the first update

Today and this weekend, a lot of news about the launch of HTC EVO 4G continued to appear. In a Sprint press release, they announced that phone sales had broken their previous record for the most single device sold on a launch day, with three times the number of Samsung Moment and Palm Pre devices on their market. first three days combined.

MobileCrunch notes that “Sprint hasn’t clarified the actual numbers yet, but that’s a pretty impressive improvement over the previous record.”

Androinica did a quick research on the possible number of sales for Friday and this is what they came up with:

JP Morgan and other analysts estimated that Palm Pre sold between 50,000 and 100,000 units in the first days of its launch. When you consider that Sprint said the EVO sold more than three times the Pre and Instinct combined, a conservative estimate would say that the EVO may have already crossed the 100,000-unit mark since Friday.

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I’d put that number closer to 150,000 for a conservative estimate, considering that the Samsung Moment wasn’t even mentioned in their calculations.

BoyGeniusReport has a story that the phone may be suffering from poor Wi-Fi connectivity compared to other phones. However, they also mention that data connection speeds appear to be similar “regardless of their proximity to the router.” I find the way the phone shows the strength of the connection is a bit crazy. Especially since I hadn’t heard of connection issues before, considering enough time that many bloggers have already had with the device. We’ll have to wait and see.

Naturally, after the high demand, AndroidCentral is reporting a shortage of the device. Fortunately, AndroidandMe found that a possible workaround to buying the device from a store that appears to be out of stock may be to tell the seller that you are with a different provider, and the seller might find one for you that they “overlooked. “

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Phandroid reports that Sprint’s activation system on Day 4 was having serious trouble dealing with the large number of people activating their new HTC EVO 4G.

AndroidandMe also mentioned on Friday that the phone received an update that “is being sent over the air to fix some minor bugs that were reported. The update is said to fix errors related to insufficient file permissions when users tried to save files to their MicroSD card. This minor update is also reported to fix a security hole that allowed users to hack into the device and gain root access. “

Has anyone already bought the phone? Talk in the forums or in the comments if you already have the phone.

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Image by AndroidandMe

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