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How to share WiFi with your visitors using a QR code

How to share WiFi with your visitors using a QR code

Sharing WiFi has become a common task. Often when we are in a public or private place for the first time, we usually connect to your WiFi signal to access the Internet without spending our mobile data.

Normally, in a home or address, the router is usually visible. And in it, there is usually a QR code that allows access the WiFi network instantly no need to write down the password by hand. But if said router is not visible, there are more solutions. We explain how to share WiFi and invite users.

From iPhone and Android, it is possible to share WiFi with a simple QR code. That is, if your phone has connected to a Wi Fi hotspot, you can provide the access data with a code that another user will scan. Let’s see how to do it.

Share WiFi with the Movistar Smart WiFi app

If you are a customer, with the app Movistar Smart Wi Fi you can share WiFi. Specifically, it is possible to send the access data to your Wifi and Wifi Plus connections using the function Share of iPhone, iPad and Android.

Inside the app Smart Wi Fiyou should go to My network > My Wi Fi. Then if you go into each available WiFi, you will see a button Share. This way you can send the credentials to access the WiFi through any external application.

Create a Wi Fi network to share the internet with guests

Another possibility is to create a Wi Fi access for guests. This way you will not have to provide the access password and you will have the possibility to cancel that connection whenever you want. To activate it you must open Smart Wi Fi and go to My Network > My WiFi > Guest WiFi. Clicking on the corresponding button will activate or deactivate it accordingly.

Share WiFi with Smart WiFi Living App

If you are a customer of Movistar Fusion and you have Movistar’s UHD decoder installed, you can give access to your WiFi using a Living App directly from your television.

Specifically, with the Living App of Smart Wi Fiwithin the Show password menu, you will see a QR code on screen that you can scan with the camera of your iPhone or Android. It’s that easy to give your guests or yourself access to your WiFi connection.

You will find more information at this link.

Share WiFi with a QR code on iPhone

First of all, we will check if the QR code reading is activated on your iPhone. You will find this option in Settings > Camera > Scan QR codes. This will help you scan the QR code of your Movistar Router or that of the television if you use the Smart WiFi Living App.

On the other hand, if an iPhone tries to connect to a WiFi hotspot and it doesn’t have the password, it can get it from another iPhone. First unlock the iPhone that has access to that WiFi network.

When the second iPhone tries to access it, on the first iPhone you will see a prompt asking if you want to share the password. By pressing the corresponding button, the other iPhone will have access to that WiFi network without having to type the password by hand.

Share WiFi with a QR code on Android

On Android you can also share WiFi without sending the data access manually. Through a QR code, safely.

To make it possible, you must be connected to that WiFi point. Then we go to the WiFi section within Settings and we see the network to which we are connected. Clicking on it we will see the technical sheet of it. In it, you will find the option Share.

If you click on Share a QR code will be generated. When another phone scans it with the built in camera, will access automatically to that WiFi network at the moment. That easy.