How to see what means on your bank statement

If you’re looking at your bank statement and you see a charge on “,” you might be wondering what it’s for. Obviously, you have bought something from Apple, but you may not remember doing it or do not recognize the amount.

Here we will explain why appears on your statement and how to find out exactly what it is for.

Apple Billing and Purchases

What charges apply to

There are a few purchases you can make that will be listed under

  • Buy an app, game, movie, music, or similar item from the App Store.
  • You have a renewal subscription to an Apple service.
  • A family member who shares the account bought one of the above.

How to find out what was bought

There are a few different ways to find your purchase history. And you probably want to see that purchase history with prices so you can match the charge you see on your bank statement.

Call number

If you are lucky enough to have a phone number along with the charge on your bank statement, please mark it. You should contact Apple’s billing department at the other end and ask them to investigate the charge.

Go online

Another quick and easy way to verify the charge is online.

1) Visit

2) Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

3) In the What can we help you? box, choose nothing. Instead, scroll until you find the title and / or date.

Even better, enter the amount of the charge that you see on your bank statement in the Look for cash register.

Although the charge (base) is displayed as a certain amount when you scroll through your purchase history, you can expand it to see the taxes that are applied to the total amount. And when you use the search function, you take this into account.

For example, my bank statement charge is $ 21.51 but the order shows as $ 19.95 in my purchase history. I still entered $ 21.51 in the search and found the charge successfully.

You can click the See receipt link for that item to see full charge details if you like.

Note: If you have more than one Apple ID, be sure to sign in with the others if you don’t see the charge on the first one.

Check your e-mail

If you don’t see the charge that matches your bank statement, could it be a family member who made the purchase? If they’re not around for you to ask, you have a variety of ways to view Family Sharing purchases and our tutorial on that topic covers them.

But if you are the organizer of the family, another quick way is to look up the email. As a family organizer, you should have an email receipt for the purchase to the address linked to your Apple ID.

You can do this in Mail on any of your devices. Order by the date you see on your statement for the charge, the sender (Apple), or search for “receipt.”

In my case, it was as expected. A family member is the one who incurred the charge and I have the email receipt showing their Apple ID, date, quantity, and item purchased.

Still don’t see the charge?

After checking Apple’s website, your emails, Family Sharing purchases, and other places where you can find your purchase history, Apple recommends contacting Apple Support if you still cannot find the purchase.

If you’ve reviewed and email receipts and you’re still not sure why you were charged, contact Apple Support.


Hopefully, with at least one of these methods, you will have solved the mystery of the charge on your bank account. And if you have to contact Apple, head over to our tutorial on how you can chat with Apple support for faster responses.

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Have you ever found a charge from Apple on your bank statement that turned out to be an error? Let us know your experience to solve it below.