How to read faster?: discover the answer in bionic reading

Reading is one of the most rewarding and productive activities we can do. However, sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day to read everything we want. If we read faster we could finish more books and learn more things. So the big question is how to read faster without failing to understand what we read. Here bionic reading comes into play, this technique allows you to have a faster and more concentrated reading.

What is bionic reading?

It is a new method to improve reading speed, founded by type designer Renato Casutt. This methodology seeks to answer the eternal question of how to read faster without losing reader retention.

According to Casutt, the bionic reading revise the text highlighting the most important parts of the words. This creates an artificial fixation point that guides the eye through the text while the brain more quickly recalls previously learned words.

Why has bionic reading gained popularity recently?

The idea of ​​bionic reading was born in 2009, although it was in 2016 when it began to be developed. In recent months it has gained notoriety thanks to a rediscovery of social media. What was found is that users do not see it as a mechanism to know how to read faster. In addition, it is a visual aid for people suffering from attention deficit syndrome and dyslexia.

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How to read faster with bionic reading?

According to an interview conducted by Gibbs, this is not the first system designed to learn how to read faster.In fact, it was preceded by the popular “speed reading” method. This consists of quickly recognizing and absorbing phrases or sentences on a page. Casutt says there are notable differences between bionic reading and speed reading: “bionic reading does not have to be learned, because it occurs intuitively. There are users who can read faster with BR, but there are also readers with dyslexia who can read better”.

How does it work

In creating this methodology, Casutt’s team carefully studied the work of various researchers in the field of faster reading and text comprehension, noting that historical scientific research on eye movements it exists since 1905.

The logic of this methodology of how to read faster lies in the fact that the words of the texts are formatted in such a way that only highlight its essential parts. When we focus on only part of a word, it is transmitted to the brain. In this way, only the information necessary for the long term memory to relate to the available representation products arrives.

In other words, bionic reading allows the eyes to “skip over” unnecessary details of some words and texts. Consequently, the reader concentrates only on what is important to understand the text.

How to use bionic reading

This methodology of how to read faster is very new. Currently, there are only a couple of official apps for the iPhone and one for the Mac that have the feature built in. You can try it with Reeder 5, Lire and Fiery Feeds Gibbs.

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The Bionic Reading website also offers a free conversion tool for TXT, RTF, RTFD, EPUB and DOCX files. This means you can convert eBooks and use Bionic Reading on your devices.

Bionic reading in the student or work environment to learn how to read faster

Thanks to its benefits, this methodology can be applied to the workplace or student. Among its advantages are:

  • Time saving.
  • Faster learning.
  • Expansion of knowledge.
  • Eliminate mental noise and promotes concentration.
  • Decrease in distractions.

In this way, teachers can convert academic texts into speed reading texts. Thus, a door is opened for students understand and analyze academic texts faster. This can bring benefits such as reducing student stress and increasing the performance of future professionals.

Another way to use bionic reading is in exams. An exam adapted to bionic reading allows students to focus on what is really important when reading the question.

On the other hand, in the working world this methodology of how to read faster can be used. For example, it serves to highlight the most important details of the minutes or summaries of the meetings. Bionic reading brings a new world of possibilities to all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter if you have a diagnosis of dyslexia, are easily distracted, or want to read faster. Bionic reading brings an opportunity that you cannot refuse.