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How to keep your network safe with Smart WiFi via Secure Connection

How to keep your network safe with Smart WiFi via Secure Connection

Network security is one of the aspects that has been talked about the most, in the professional field but also in the domestic one. internet is already another part of our home and this makes it a unique opportunity to access services and amenities but also in a risk to our privacy. Nothing that can’t be fixed with the right tools and common sense.

The good thing is that these tools are given to you by Movistar and you you hardly have to do anything. Browse safely, avoid online fraud or malware infections on your devices and, in short, enjoy everything that the Internet has to offer without fear of losing your data or have your connected devices hijacked.

On the front line, your Movistar Router. To increase its security features, Secure Connection. Secondly, the Smart WiFi App, which allows you to manage your WiFi network and block unknown devices. And, finally, Qustodio, an assistant to protect your children’s digital habits, inside and outside the home.

Your Router and Secure Connection

Your Movistar Router is responsible for ensuring the security of your home network. The function of this type of device is to allow or block the Input and output dataso that your devices can access the Internet and make it difficult for anyone who wants to access your Wi Fi or to your electronic devices. You do not have to do anything.

And to provide it with more security features, you can activate Secure Connection, a free service for Fusion customers and mobile contract lines. Its goal is to protect any computer, phone, or device with Internet access while you browse the web or check email. Home network security safe.

Your main task is block links suspected of containing malware or participate in fraud phishing. You will see a message in the browser indicating the potential risk. It will be up to you to continue or close that window or tab. And best of all, you don’t have to install software on your devices. Secure connection it is integrated into the router itself.

For mobile lines, Secure connection protect your connections via WiFi and via mobile connectivity (3G, 4G, 5G) to avoid the same security problems. And if you connect to the Internet away from home, you can install the application Security Device. You will find more information on the official page of this service.

Network security with Smart WiFi

More network security tools. With the Smart WiFi App you can control your home network directly from your smartphone or from your TV.

First. You can see the devices connected to your WiFi network. Is any device unknown to you? Block him. As easy as clicking on the device icon and then on the button To block. You will also have the possibility to change Password of your Wi Fi networks. And if you have active Secure connectionfrom there you will see the history of neutralized threats and you can download the application Security Device.

Another useful feature of the Smart Wi Fi app is that it allows limit the time of use of the different devices. So your children will know when to play or connect and when to do other tasks at home.

The Smart Wi Fi app It is available for iPhone, Android and in the form of a Living App integrated into your Movistar+ UHD decoder. You will find a list of all its functions and features in this article.


Active security, passive security and network security for all members of the family. With the Qustodio App and its service Qustodium Premium you will be able to manage the use that your children make of their connected devices.

Among other things, you can limit which games and apps use, for how long, see what content they consume on YouTube and block inappropriate content when they search online or surf the web. You will also receive a report with the search and browsing history to better understand your digital habits. And all these procedures can be applied separately for each of your children.

And for when your children are away from home, Qustodium Premium It will give you the location of their mobile phone and you will receive alerts when they enter or leave school, home or their extracurricular activities. In addition, they will be able to press a sos button which will send you a message with its location.