How to Install WhatsApp Free for Android 2.1?

WhatsApp is the most used instant communication tool worldwide; for this reason, its installation has become practically essential on mobile devices. So for several years, this app is practically mandatory on our cell phones and even tablets. The best of all is that is a free, lightweight, and easy-to-install application.

However, there is a detail to take into account when installing this vital tool on our cell phones: The operating system that the mobile device has; and is that According to the Android version we have, we can install or not, a compatible version of WhatsApp.

We must note that the Android system is ranked No. 1 as the most used worldwide; therefore, and in order to innovate and continue to be more attractive to users, it periodically renews its version. This makes it necessary that also the applications have to be constantly updated and renewed; which influences the compatibility between the operating system and the version of WhatsApp that we have on our mobile.

WhatsApp for Android 2.1 Is it Possible?

We have to be realistic. Currently WhatsApp confirmed that for now it will only be supported for those operating systems 2.3 or higher. But this does not imply that even when you have a mobile with a lower version, you should lose hope of being a user of this application. There are several options applicable to your cell phone and thus, have access to WhatsApp.

The first of them is to run the update of your mobile operating system. Access the settings section on your cell phone, then press the About device key and finally, Update Software. If this works, you can update your Android to version 2.3 or another more advanced; Well, as we saw, it is not possible to have WhatsApp for Android 2.1.

In case the first option does not work, we present another solution, perhaps a little more drastic. Root your cell phone, install a custom ROM and start the search for a technological support or firmware of another user, since they almost always have updated versions.

I couldn’t update my Android 2.1, what should I do?

If you got to this point, definitely you cannot update the operating system of your mobile. Even so, you have one more alternative. From your mobile, you can try to download WhatsApp APK version, from the official page of this application. In this way, you avoid the Play Store that will surely remind you that you cannot download WhatsApp for Android 2.1 on your device as it is not compatible.

To avoid errors that could occur in the installation process, it is necessary to enable the unknown sources on your mobile; just hit the gear icon and then Security. This makes the operating system allow the application to be installed without problems.

After the download time, you must look for the file in the download folder and press execute. In this way, the WhatsApp installation process will begin on your cell phone. Finally, We suggest you also try the WhatsApp Plus version; According to the opinion of several users, it also works perfectly with this type of Android. However, and to be safe, try the official version that, following the steps indicated above, you will surely have it installed on your mobile quickly and safely.

If you have any other way to have WhatsApp for Android 2.1, do you have any suggestions or if this article was useful to you, leave us your comment.