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How to install the new Movistar Smart WiFi 6 Router step by step

How to install the new Movistar Smart WiFi 6 Router step by step

Have you ever lost the WiFi connection on your mobile or tablet when you move from one room to another in your house? We usually connect all kinds of devices (TVs, laptops, tablets, consoles…) to WiFi and many times we realize that the quality of the signal is not always what we want: either because the connection is slower than we would like , because cuts occur, or because the quality of the signal itself does not reach all corners equally.

But… what can we do so that you do not have coverage problems and can navigate at maximum speed? The solution is to have a WiFi network that is even faster, with more capacitywhich supports a greater number of connected devices and is more efficient in energy use.

with the new Smart Wi Fi 6 Router, Movistar offers the best connectivity required by the new services and uses of WiFi in the home. It is designed to offer a powerful connection thanks to technology WiFi 6, allowing up to 3 times faster speed than the previous router and a coverage range that is 25% wider. It also allows a greater number of devices to be connected at the same time, obtaining a single WiFi network for the entire home with the same name and password, offering greater security thanks to the new WPA3 protocol.

For now, it has been deployed to a customer base to replace their old equipment and, later on, it will be launched commercially for all Movistar customers. If you want to know how to install the Smart WiFi Router 6, keep reading!

How to install the Smart WiFi Router 6

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have this device at home, with This simple guide will help you to install it without the need to download anything or have technical notions. Say hello to the best connectivity in your home!

For more information, do not miss our installation manual.

Step by step installation

  1. Disconnect the fiber optic cable from your old router and connect it to the Fiber Optic port of the new Smart WiFi 6 Router. If you use the landline phone cable you can connect it to the port ”phone” on your computer with a phone jack, or if you just use a landline phone, you can plug it directly into the “phone” of the team instead of the rosette.
  1. Next, plug the power adapter into the mains and into the DC port connector on the computer.
  1. Turn on the equipment by pressing the power button ON/OFF located on the back and wait until all the LEDs turn blue; it will take a few minutes.

As simple as that!

How to connect your devices to the Smart WiFi 6 Router?

After installing the Smart WiFi 6 Router, everything is ready to connect your devices to the new router and enjoy WiFi 6 technology throughout your home. There are different ways to do it:

The best Wi Fi connection always tailored to you

The new Smart WiFi 6 Router is compatible with Movistar’s WiFi Mesh solution, with which you will be able to obtain greater coverage in areas with a weak signal. It is only necessary to have a Movistar Smart WiFi Amplifier and connect it to the Router.

You can use this device in two ways: as an access point (connecting it via ethernet cable to your Smart WiFi 6 Router) and as a WiFi repeater (associating wirelessly with the Router to extend its signal). In addition, if you connect it to the Smart WiFi 6 Router, the amplifier will automatically detect the configuration of the Router and will keep the name and password of your WiFi so that all your devices connect easily.

Soon you will be able to manage the WiFi connection of your new Router through the Smart WiFi mobile app to get the most out of connectivity. This application will allow you to configure your Movistar Router, create profiles with associated devices, pause or resume the connection of devices, among other features. The mobile app also has the option to activate Movistar’s Secure Connection service and block possible malware and phishing threats.

Now yes… enjoy the most advanced connectivity with your new Smart Wi Fi 6 Router from Movistar!