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How to have WiFi 6 with Movistar: Internet faster and farther

How to have WiFi 6 with Movistar: Internet faster and farther

With speeds up to five times faster and coverage improved by up to 30%, the WiFi 6 standard is the best thing that can happen to your Internet connection, at home or in your office. And it is that the umpteenth version of WiFi connectivity allows make the most of your bandwidth to enjoy services such as video calls, online games or watch content on demand in Movistar+, Netflix or Disney+. But what is Wi Fi 6? To what extent is WiFi 5 better vs. WiFi 6?

Most current devices are compatible with the WiFi 5 standard. But little by little, gadgets certified for the most recent standard, compatible with the latest protocol and with the previous ones, are gaining ground. Thus, step by step, the ecosystem of connected devices is making the leap to a faster, more stable, secure WiFi with greater coverage.

Let’s see a brief comparison between WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6 and how to incorporate this standard into your home with Movistar and its Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier. Easy, fast and without having to change the configuration of your devices one by one.

Wi Fi 5 vs. WiFi 6

Now that we know what WiFi 6 is, we need to know the difference between this version, launched on the market in 2019, and the previous one, which was launched on the market in 2013. In both cases, the objective is connect devices each other and wireless Internet. In both cases, you can connect a large number of devices at once, and the speeds are sufficient for most services you use today. But there are differences, of course.

As we saw in a previous article, the first difference between WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 is speed. The IEEE 802.11ac standard can reach upload and/or download speeds of between 800 Mbps and 1.73 Gbps. The IEEE 802.11ax standard, what we know as WiFi 6, exceeds that figure and can reach 2.4 Gbps.

Second difference. It allows better management of ecosystems with many devices connected at the same time. This improves Internet access simultaneously reducing latency, the enemy of online players. For this, the sixth version of WiFi has its own technologies such as OFDMA or MU MIMO.

More improvements of the sixth version of WiFi compared to the previous version. Its function Color BSS allows you to avoid interference in connections of various devices. Thus the network is more stable and reliable. It is also more secure. In the battle between WiFi 5 vs. WiFi 6, the former uses the 128 bit WPA2 protocol, while WiFi 6 integrates the WPA3 192 bit. And finally, energy management has been greatly improved in order to spend less electricity. Or rather, what batteries last longer even if you connect the devices to the 6th WiFi version.

And everything with Movistar

Faster, goes further, works with more devices connected at the same time and is more secure. But best of all, a device with WiFi 6 can connect with devices that support previous versionsWi Fi 5 and earlier.

At the time of writing these lines, your Movistar router is probably compatible with WiFi 5. But making it compatible with the latest WiFi is as simple as complementing it with the Smart Wi Fi 6 Booster. You can install it yourself and purchase it from the official Movistar website.

The Smart Wi Fi 6 Booster connects directly to the Movistar Smart WiFi Router via Ethernet cable. Once turned on, you already have WiFi 6 coverage. What’s more, you won’t have to change anything on your devices. If you have previously connected them to your Router, from now on they will be connected to the Amplifier without changing settings manually. Same name and same password of the WiFi connection.

And just as you can configure your Movistar Router with the Smart WiFi App, the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier is also easily configured remotely from the application itself.

If you are interested in technical ins and outs of the WiFi 6 Amplifier, it has two connections, the 2.4 GHz WiFi and the 5 GHz WiFi Plus, just like your Movistar Router. Of course, while the first WiFi (2.4 GHz) corresponded to the WiFi 4 standard and WiFi Plus (5 GHz) to WiFi 5, with the Amplifier, both bandwidths are up to date with the latest available protocol. In addition, the Amplifier has two RJ45 Ethernet ports. One of 1 Gbps and another of 2.5 Gbps as well as WPA2 (for previous versions) and WPA3 (for WiFi 6) security.