How to fix or fix my Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile if it heats up and the battery runs out

This version of Samsung smart mobile devices has excellent features which are reflected in its great power. The Samsung Galaxy S8 works under an Android 7.0 operating system and has 4 GB internal memory or RAM, 64 GB external storage with the option to expand it by adopting a microSD card.

Solution Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets Very Hot

Its screen is 5.9 inches with 1440 x 2960 pixels and its 12 MP camera. However, its 3000 mAh battery tends to overheat. The reason is that this model has a technology of fast charge, which should be taken as an option in special situations, while it is often suggested to recharge it in the conventional time.

The battery for its part requires recharging since this model has a large screen, with considerable dimensions to a mobile device. Therefore, its energy is consumed somewhat faster than in other Samsung versions. Not forgetting that social networks, videos or films, as well as some applications, quickly download the stack.

How to fix battery overheating problems?

When reviewing on the web, both in forums and in videos, it is found that it is common for the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery overheats and locks up while the battery recovers to its normal temperature.

When this happens, the message is displayed on the screen: “Get out of the chamber, the battery temperature is too high ”. From that moment on, no mobile application or function can be operated.

Sometimes they increase the temperature thanks to the use of some too thick covers that act as protective accessories. By ruling out that this is the cause of overheating, it can then be assumed that the reason is the use of the mobile while it is charging, that the Brightness of the screen it is greatly increased or it receives heat directly as in the glove compartment of the car.

On the other hand, it is suggested that when feeling an increase in temperature in the mobile, remove the box to cool it down, since prolonged use can directly affect the battery, especially during games, videos, film or when you have several applications open at the same time.

More than as a prevention, as a solution, the power button located on the right edge of the device should be pressed for a few seconds, then press “restart”

After this action, you must allow a few minutes to operate the mobile, to allow time to restore its temperature, closing any open downloaded application. On the other hand update software It is useful when the battery overheating is repetitive, this is a very simple procedure, since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a configuration for it.

From beginning, it must be located “setting”, select option “about” and choose the software update or the system. And lastly since the battery is overheated, I could then optimize it, which is another procedure as simple as the previous ones.

From “setting”, it is pressed “battery”, later “Battery use” and “plus”, pressing on “Optimize battery use”. From there, any of the applications available on the Samsung Galaxy S8 must be activated, easily solving the heating of its battery.

My Samsung Galaxy is downloading fast: how to fix it

One of the biggest drawbacks it presents all Android device, especially the Samsung Galaxy are defects associated with the battery used by these mobiles. The reason that originates these inconveniences can be diverse, from inconveniences in the load to the same state of the battery.

Although the appearance of this defect may be caused by hardware elements, careless use of applications can contribute to rapid battery drain. In these cases, forcing the stop of the applications that we do not use would solve this problem effectively.

Given the persistence of this problem, it can be assumed that the failure is caused by an inadequate charge of the battery of our device. Having in these circumstances having to verify the elements such as the charger, which provides the power supply to the mobile battery.

In the same way, and if the charger is not the cause of the problem, it may be the ideal time to replace the battery of our Samsung Galaxy getting a new one.