How to find out if your devices are compatible with WiFi 6

The standard IEEE802.11axwhich we know as WiFi 6has been with us since 2019, which is when the early devices compatible. The new version of WiFi, the most popular wireless technology, with permission from Bluetooth, comes loaded with new features, such as faster connectivitysafer, more stable, with more devices connected at the same time and with lower energy consumption. Come on, it is inevitable that sooner or later we will fill our homes and offices with WiFi 6 devices. Moreover, after thoroughly testing this standard and after becoming more popular in the electronics market, Movistar is beginning to provide its new WiFi 6 Router to Your clients.

The good news is that when you have your WiFi 6 Router you can connect all kinds of devices with WiFi. those who integrate WiFi 6 antenna and earlier models. Of course, only those compatible with WiFi 6 will benefit from the novelties of this wireless standard. Namely: more speed, more coverage, more simultaneous connections without saturating bandwidth, more security, less energy consumption… So to get the most out of your devices and get the best out of your connection with Movistar, you should make sure they offer Wi Fi 6 connectivity.

So let’s see what we have to look for detect if a device is compatible with WiFi 6. Keep in mind that today there is WiFi in all kinds of devices: smartphones, tablets, televisions, video game consoles, smart devices such as light bulbs, switches, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and a long and so on.

Before buying a device with WiFi 6

If you are going to buy a new appliance or device to connect to the Internet, knowing if it is compatible with the WiFi 6 standard is easier than if you already have said device at home. We can look at your data sheet, the information indicated on the box, check the specifications on the Internet, preferably on the manufacturer’s official website, etc. Furthermore, in the product documentation you should clearly state your Wi Fi 6 compatibility with a distinctive, since it is a factor to highlight for its sale.

Specifically, we need to find WiFi 6 references What WiFi 6, WiFi 802.11ax or the like. Keep in mind that the difference between WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 is as simple as the technical name of the former is 802.11 ac and the latter 802.11 ax. Other keywords that help identify WiFi 6 devices are acronyms OFDMA either MU MIMOwhich serve to name technical novelties of the WiFi 6 standard.

Unfortunately, on the device itself we will hardly find an indicator to help us identify its compatibility with WiFi 6, as is the case with the WiFi 6 Router itself. Depending on the type of device, we may find a button to activate or deactivate WiFi or WPS fast connection, but at no time does reference to WiFi version. So either we look at the box and/or the accompanying documentation, or we consult its official website or, finally, we take a look at its software.

Appliances we already have at home

You may already have Wi Fi 6 compatible devices without knowing it. And sooner rather than later, you will be able to have the Movistar WiFi 6 Router in your home. As I said at the beginning of the article, this standard started to be seen in the electronics market in 2019. So if you have a recent phone, tablet, computer or TV, it may already be compatible with WiFi 6. The quickest way to check it is looking for the device model on the Internet, preferably on its official page.

For example. If you have a iPhone 13, its spec page clearly says that it supports “Wifi 802.11ax (6th gen)”. The same happens if you have purchased a Samsung smartphone. Let’s take an example Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Its name already gives us a clue that it is compatible with 5G. But what about Wi Fi? If we go to its specifications page we will see that it is compatible with “802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax”. That is, it does support WiFi 6 (ax).

In most devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, vacuum cleaners and other devices, many of them without a screen or consultation menu, the fastest way to check their compatibility is to go directly to the manufacturer page. If it does not have, as it happens with certain Chinese brands, otherwise we can consult the seller page. This is the case of the WiFi 6 Router, for example. You have all the information on its official page.

Another way to check is turning on the device in question and looking at its content. In the case of a PC, how do you know if your network card is it Wi Fi 6 compatible? If the PC is a year or two old, let’s check it out. If it is older, it is discarded. From Windows, we look for the Device administrator and we go to the section network adapters. The one that indicates WiFi will tell us if it is WiFi 6 or WiFi 5.

Installation just as simple

Once we know for sure that we have a device compatible with WiFi 6, to enjoy all its advantages and technical innovations we must have a WiFi 6 Router. Otherwise, to install said router and to connect the devices to the nearest WiFi wireless connection, nothing changes. The process is as simple as ever.

Namely. You activate the WiFi connection, choose the WiFi point of your WiFi 6 Router and enter the password. As with the WiFi 5 version, there are two parallel connections. A 2.4 GHz (WiFi), less fast but covering more coverage space, and a 5 GHz (WiFi Plus), faster but covering less coverage space.

You can also connect to the WiFi 6 Router through its QR code, which you will find on the router itself. And if you want to connect specific devices like light bulbs or smart plugs, you may have to opt for the option WPS. It is faster but can only be activated for a few seconds.