How to enjoy the best entertainment at home with Living Apps

Do you already have plans for your summer vacation? On many occasions, even when we have free time to go to the movies, concerts, watch a soccer game or simply go for a walk with friends or family, we decide not to do it. We do not know the reason, it may be that we are tired or that we do not want to spend money. Whatever the reason, looking for home entertainment is sometimes more complicated than it seems.

So that staying at home is not boring, we tell you in this post how to get the most out of the entertainment Living Apps offered by Movistar Plus+. From reserving an exhibition at the Prado Museum with Rakuten, to learning the most amazing tricks with Fortnite. You choose how and when you want to enjoy, we provide you with entertainment at home and also away from home.

In addition, we make it more accessible to you, since you will have the possibility to navigate through all these experiences with the remote control or by voice using the Movistar Plus+ Voice Command or the device Movistar Home. Both have integrated Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant. If you want to discover new ways to entertain yourself, keep reading!

What are the main Living Apps for Leisure and Entertainment?

As its name suggests, entertaining is sometimes more complicated than it seems, but at Movistar we have thought of you to offer you the best entertainment at home. If you like to enjoy the best Twitter videos in a big way or you have become fond of short TikTok videos, this interests you. In the Leisure and Entertainment Living Apps you will find your favorite social networks, but also exclusive content from Movistar Plus+ Original Productions, among other experiences.

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¡Do not wait any longer and discover them!


With the Twitter LivingAppyou will be able to consume the latest content from your television screen, in addition to accessing a wide variety of the best videos in categories such as music, sports, travel or technology.

If you are registered on Twitter, very soon you will be able to log in with your account, being able to see the contents that you already follow and interact with them with a “I like it” either retweet.

Movistar Plus+ Original Productions

If you are one of those who waits for the weekend to lie down on the sofa to watch series, you will be able to access exclusive content and unpublished material from current series with the Living App of Movistar Plus+ Original Productions.

You will find titles like Unity, Fortune, Perfect Life, Paradise, Iron or the latest addition, We apologize for the inconveniences. All of them with exclusive content such as interviews with the characters, what happens behind the scenes or the research that the actors do to put themselves in the shoes of a character.


Are you thinking of organizing a plan for the weekend? In the Rakuten Living App you will find endless ideas both in Spain and in other European cities, where you can filter your searches by date, category or best sellers. The convenience of booking through your TV allows you to choose the plan as a family. In addition, you can accumulate points to redeem for future purchases.

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Can you find from sports plans, music concerts or exhibitions in an art gallery. There are categories for all tastes.

TikTok Plus

With the Tik Tok Extra Living App, you will no longer have excuses to learn the challenge of your favorite creator. This application goes one step further so that enjoy the best home entertainment and the most viral videos of the moment in a fun and simple way. You can choose between the categories of advice, humor or travel and sport. Are you new to cooking? Does not matter! With the proposals of the videos of our most viral chefs you will be able to cook the tastiest recipes.


For video game lovers, Fortnite Living App It gives you the possibility to discover experiences, tricks and contents so that you face your biggest rival.

Among the contents that are part of the Living App, series such as “Myths in Fortnite”, led by Davidpkami. A series in which the different rumors that run about the game are analyzed. EITHER “no slurp left” Y “Committed Tips”, where Gladoop responds to the doubts that users make through RRSS so that you continue learning every day and improving in the game.

You will also find in “creative fever” a series of videos where Hiper shows the different game modes of Fortnite, with the aim of revealing all the details about vehicles, zone wars and much more.

Atletico Madrid

The Atletico Madrid Living App provides summaries of matches, interviews with players and the coach, reports with protagonists of the club and many other surprises.

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Within the club’s commitment to offer incredible content, you can find in the section “Atletico Madrid” videos that revolve around the matches played by the team in the national competitions of La Liga and Cup, the Champions League or a summary of the most outstanding plays shortly after the end of the matches. In addition to the post match interviews in the section “Interview”.


The Kanto Living App is the best option for liven up a fun evening with family or dinner with friends at home. If karaoke is your thing, with this Living App you can become a pop star from your living room.

You will sing with playlists of different genres to play in a duet or improve your pro level. The catalog of songs is updated with the best trends of the momenteasily finding all the songs of your favorite artists or playlists.

And now that? Do you feel like having a good time? enjoy with these Entertainment Living Apps on Movistar Plus+.