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How to configure the Smart WiFi Amplifier 6 as a WiFi access point

How to configure the Smart WiFi Amplifier 6 as a WiFi access point

New technologies are growing at a frantic pace. Right now, we are in full transition to a new era of connectivitywhich began with the arrival of 5G at the end of 2018, and this year with the launch of WiFi 6 the definitive step has been taken.

The new equipment of the Smart WiFi Movistar family It offers the best features in wireless connectivity for the user thanks to the use of the latest WiFi technology available on the market and its configuration of 12 internal antennas. All this translates into:

  1. Connection speeds of up to 4 Gbps (5 times faster than WiFi 5).
  2. An improved coverage range that allows it to be extended by more than 30%.
  3. A more efficient management of connected devices, which implies an increase in the simultaneous data traffic of the equipment up to 4 times higher.
  4. Optimization for IoT (Internet of Things) devices, ensuring minimum energy consumption in said devices.

Thanks to the Smart WiFi 6 Booster, Movistar customers were the first who began to enjoy all the advantages of WiFi 6 in Spain. The company continues to expand its range of devices, bringing the best experiences in terms of entertainment, smart connectivity and security to your home.

Smart WiFi 6 amplifier: your home deserves the best connectivity

The Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier, in addition to all the advantages mentioned above, is the pioneering device in smart connectivity. Users will be able to connect to the WiFi network optimally from anywhere in their home and it also allows you to configure an even more secure network with the new WPA3 protocol.

It not only improves connectivity, it also makes life easier with the built in mechanism of automatic detection of your previous WiFi configuration. When the equipment is connected to a Smart WiFi Router (HGU), by default, the amplifier will adopt the same WiFi name and password configuration that you had. Thus, all devices will connect automatically without the need to configure the network.

How do I configure the Smart WiFi Booster 6 as a WiFi access point?

If you already have the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier, you are just a few steps away from being able to have WiFi 6 in your home. To configure the amplifier as a WiFi access point, you must first verify that the switch on the back is in the Cable Eth position and that the Smart WiFi Router you are connecting to has WiFi networks turned on. Secondly, you have to connect it to the router using the ethernet cable that we incorporated in the amplifier box (the LEDs with the WiFi and WiFi + icon are lit blue on your HGU).

Then you have to plug the power adapter into the electrical network and the connector of the equipment port DC.12V 2.5A and then proceed to turn it on. The right led will flash green during startup. This process can take a few minutes and you must wait for the WiFi and WiFi+ indicator lights to turn solid blue (and the third LED will turn off). Finally, if the amplifier and the Smart WiFi Router are in the same room, it is recommended to turn off the networks on your Smart WiFi router by pressing both WPS buttons for 10 seconds.

From that moment on, the amplifier will be in charge of connecting your homeand you will enjoy all the advantages of WiFi 6. Since the amplifier replicates the same WiFi configuration that you had in your Smart WiFi Router, you will not see new networks in your home and, for this same reason, you do not need to configure other WiFi networks on your devices.

With the Smart WiFi App you have control

You can manage the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier in a totally comfortable and simple way from the Smart Wi Fi mobile app See which devices are connected to your router, block access to any user at all times, reset the router and change your WiFi password or create a guest network. In addition, you have the option of activating Movistar’s Secure Connection service to protect your Internet browsing. The version for Android and IOS is available.

If you are a Movistar Fusión customer, and you have the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder, you will be able to see which devices have access to your WiFi network, check the password and restart the routerfrom your television with the Living App Smart WiFi.

Don’t wait any longer and take your home connection to the next level with the Smart Wifi 6 Amplifier.