How to celebrate this European Music Day with Movistar Home

Did you know that only in 2021 we passed more than 18 hours a week listening to music? This is equivalent to playing around 400 three minute songs to the end. This is what the study indicates “Engaging with music 2021” elaborated by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

It’s not just this. In addition, the 80% of those interviewed assured that music improved their emotional well being during the pandemic and that allowed them enjoy and be happier in times of Covid 19.

Today, in the European Music Day I invite you to meet Movistar Music, the streaming music service with more than 50 million songs. If you also like to listen to music in every corner of your house, you can also do it through the Movistar Home music stations. If you want to know more, let me tell you below.

How to enjoy the Movistar Music mobile app on European Music Day

Are you one of those who listen music 24/7? You’re lucky! With the app of Movistar Música, Movistar’s music streaming platform with more than 50 million songs, videos, exclusive interviews and unique experiences with your favorite artistsyou can listen to Movistar Music from anywhere.

This service is designed to always carry music with you if you have a device Android either iOS. In addition, it has the possibility of downloading your favorite songs to listen to them wherever and whenever you want, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Movistar Música gives you the chance to enjoy it in two ways

Lite or Premium mode?

Discover the subscription model that best suits your needs.

  • In the Lite modea unique model in our country, you can select from more than 5 thousand playlists created by experts, download 5 playlists weekly and listen to them when you don’t have internet access. In addition, you will have the opportunity to win trips, tickets to concerts and exclusive meetings with your favorite artists and enjoy MyMatch, its innovative playlist creator.
  • The Premium mode It gives you the possibility to download unlimited songs, play music without advertising and with unlimited skips (jump from song to song). Also, if you’re one of those who likes to have everything organized, you can create your own playlists and share them with your friends.

Get to know the music functionality in Movistar Home

Are you a customer of my Movistar or of fiber fusion and you have the device Movistar Home? If you answered yes, what I am about to tell you is of interest to you. you have 30 music stations of different genres Y more than three hours of playback randomly thanks to the addition of the new music functionality.

It is available to all device users for free. Shall I tell you more? These stations are renewed every day and best of all, you can listen to them without interruption, since there is no advertising.

What can I listen to at Movistar Home on European Music Day?

With the music functionality you have thirty new music stations divided by genre, from jazz, Latin or rock to lists created for any moment or mood such as music to relax, to train or organize a party, among others. Likewise, this service is also designed for the little ones and you can have fun as a family playing themes such as children’s music or playing video games. All stations are renewed daily so you always have news to listen to.

Thanks to the fact that it has integratedAura, Movistar’s virtual assistantyou can open the music stations using your voice by saying “ OK Aura, play some music” or if you want to directly listen to a specific genre say “ OK Aura, play jazz”. You also have the possibility of touch access by sliding your finger down on the Movistar Home home screen to enter the main menu, where you will find the Movistar Música icon. Click on the icon and view the different stations to choose the one you like.

If you’re miMovistar client or Fusion with fiber but you still don’t have Movistar Home in your home, don’t wait any longer, and get yours for only €19.90 (single payment, VAT included) in yourMovista store nearest r,calling 1004or on your website! What are you waiting for? Enjoy your favorite song onMovistar Music on European Music Day!