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How to be better inhabitants in digital environments?

How to be better inhabitants in digital environments?

Before the pandemic and although we did not realize it, our environment was already highly digitized. In addition, this exceptional situation has caused that who was more analog has crossed the border towards the technological.

All of us, those of us who were already part of the digital world and those who have joined this group forced by the pandemic and its limitations, are inhabitants of the same digitized universe. However, not all of us handle digital codes in the same way.

Until now, our digital life was focused on the personal part, to send messages, to share photos on Instagram or to make video calls with our friends from a distance. However, the new normality has imposed teleworking in many companies and this implies the digitization in the professional environment.

Due to this irruption of technology at work, it is now more important than ever keep the same digital codes. We discover the key aspects of good online communication.

The tone of the message is important

We cannot write the same as we speak, much less when we write work emails. must try be careful with the expressions we use and, if possible, imply what tone we are using.

If we leave everything at the expense of the recipient, we risk being misunderstood or, based on their experiences and way of being, understand that you are not “talking” to him properly.

Synthesize and write well

Immediacy is more than present in our daily lives and this our attention span has decreased. For this reason, it is essential write short emails and that they are correctly written, as far as grammar and spelling are concerned.

when you write think of the reader, how will he better understand your words? In short or long sentences? With spelling mistakes or without?

send positive messages

Using many negative words in your texts (whether they are simple messages, emails or communications) works against you. The “no” and the “but” usually imply negativity and this results in rejection.

It will always be better use friendlier wordswithout forgetting that we are in the work environment and we have to remain polite as the British would say.