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How to avoid interference with your Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier in WiFi access point mode

How to avoid interference with your Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier in WiFi access point mode

Have you done everything humanly possible to have the best WiFi network in your home? Thanks to the Hogar Movistar devices, we not only have the best television offer thanks to the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder. but also the better speed thanks to the Smart WiFi Router. And, if there is a corner with poor coverage, there is nothing that the Smart WiFi Booster or Smart WiFi Booster 6 can not solve.

After installing these devices, you can now fully enjoy your connectivity. If you also find some technical detail that does not work after having installed the Amplifier, we will tell you all the tricks to solve it easily.

There are many users who want take advantage of the possibility of obtaining a WiFi 6 network at home that provides the Smart Wi Fi 6 Booster. To do this, it must be configured as an access point. We tell you how this configuration is done and what tricks we can apply so that the UHD Decoder connects to the closest access point and thus achieve optimal image resolution.

CHow to install the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier as an access point

To configure the Booster as WiFi access pointfirst you have to put the switch on the back of the device in position “wire eth”. In addition, the Smart WiFi Router to which you connect the Amplifier must have the WiFi networks turned on. Then you have to connect it to the router with the yellow Ethernet cable that comes in the Amplifier box.

Subsequently, you have to plug the power adapter into the mains and turn it on. Wait a few minutes until the WiFi and WiFi+ indicator lights are solid blue (and the third LED is off). If the Smart Wifi Amplifier 6 is close to the router, you have to turn off the WiFi networks of the Smart WiFi Router pressing for 10 seconds the two WPS buttons on the back of the router. In this way you will have a Wi Fi 6 network.

Thus, the Amplifier becomes in charge of your home connection, and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that WiFi 6 has. As the Amplifier replicates the same WiFi configuration of the Smart WiFi Router, you will not see new networks or need to configure new WiFi networks on your devices. In this mode it also allows you have a Wi Fi mesh network which is the best solution to avoid interference and get the most out of your WiFi network. What are you waiting for to fly?

Tricks to prevent your Amplifier from coupling to the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder

After setting up your Booster as an access point and if you live in a big house, you can add another Smart WiFi 6 amplifier in repeater mode to obtain a WiFi Mesh network and have optimal coverage in any corner of your home. Now, in the case of deployments with an Amplifier in access point mode and an Amplifier in repeater mode, we have seen that some users are having difficulties or image problems when they connect the Smart WiFi UHD Decoder to the Amplifier.

This is because there are two WiFi networks with the same SSID, and if a device like the Set Top Box automatically connects to one of them, it is difficult for it to switch to the stronger network if it is created later. In the case of the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifiers, since they have enough range, it is very likely that both networks will reach the Decoder. One of them weaker from the Amplifier as PA and another more powerful from the nearest repeater. Do not despair because we have the solution for you!

We have to prevent the Smart WiFi UHD Set Top Box from connecting to the weak signal. How do we do it? First turn off the Decoder by pressing its button on the back for 10 seconds, then restart the router and the amplifiers. Once the network is fully established, and we have turned the router networks off again, we wait a while before turning the Set Top Box back on. This connects to the closest Extender, instead of the Extender acting as the Access Point. We see that the Decoder’s LED light turns solid blue. Now you can fully enjoy all the connectivity of your devices!