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How to activate and use voice typing on WhatsApp – Android and iOS

How to activate and use voice typing on WhatsApp – Android and iOS

The use of voice memos has become frequent In instant messaging such as WhatsApp, due to the ease of use, all of us have recorded and sent audios to our contacts on occasion, but there are times when their use is complicated by the environment or site where you are, but This situation has a very simple alternative that we will show you below.

How to Activate and Use Voice Dictation on WhatsApp – Android and iOS

What is voice dictation?

The voice dictation is one of the functions that the Google keyboard brings, We can use this keyboard on any smart device, it does not matter if its operating system is iOS or Android, the most common is that this keyboard comes configured on the phone, if not, you can choose to download and update your WhatsApp to a recent version or you can download it in the Play Store or the App Store in order to use it.

How to send a message on WhatsApp without writing?

We all know how send messageIt is voice, and the use of the dictator is not very different, To make use of this function we are going to start a conversation on WhatsApp, when the Google keyboard appears, you will locate the microphone icon in the space bar or below the voice note icon, we press said icon, the microphone will appear in green, from this moment everything we say will be converted into text, the option to pause and configure the output of the text is also presented here.

How to configure the keyboard to use the voice dictation tool?

It is likely that on your mobile have more than one keyboard installed, in this case we will have to configure the equipment so that the Google keyboard is the main one, in case of having an iPad or iPhone, we will open the configuration application, then we will go to the general section, keyboard option, and then keyboards, we select the Google keyboard and we bring it to the top of the list of keyboards we have to set it as primary.

Once established we will open any writing application on mobile as messages or WhatsApp. We will locate the functions menu in the upper left corner, there we will select the option more, then we can choose the services to activate, such as spell checking, changing the keyboard language, gestural writing or voice dictation.

In the case of Android we go directly to a writing app, it can be WhatsApp, when we open the keyboard we will access the functions menu, select more and do the same configuration.

Activate the dictator by voice on WhatsApp

To activate the dictator by voice in WhatsApp we must locate the microphone icon in the space bar of your phone. Then, by pressing and holding the icon, the dictator is automatically activated by voice in WhatsApp, where everything you say will be converted into text.

Disable the dictator by voice in WhatsApp

To deactivate the dictator by voice in WhatsApp In the microphone icon on the space bar of your phone, we must press the icon and immediately drag up the screen, that is, as a guide to the icon of a padlock, the word cancel will appear on the left side of your screen , we give clip to cancel and in this way the dictator by voice in WhatsApp will be deactivated.

How to activate WhatsApp dictator by voice on iPhone?

On iPhone mobile devices, activate the dictator by voice of WhatsApp It only requires going to the general settings of WhatsApp and upon entering you will be able to locate the microphone option. In this way, activated the microphone, you will begin to use it from your WhatsApp, the icon will be located in the lower left part of your WhatsApp chat screen and by holding it down you will be able to start using it.

Another option to activate the dictator by voice is to go to the general settings of your iPhone mobile device, locate the privacy option, in that option you will find the microphone area and its settings. In addition, all the applications that want to use the microphone will appear, you will give a clip in the WhatsApp application and in this way the voice dictator will be activated.

How do I write with the voice dictator?

The voice dictation tool allows you to write almost perfect, but at the time of sending it it is always advisable to check the message in case any word does not register it correctly, when using it we must take into account that to place the punctuation marks we must indicate it in the same way by voice commands like the text.

Can voice dictation be done using voice recognition assistants?

An alternative to Google keyboard voice dictation is voice recognition assistants, In the case of Android devices we have our assistant Ok, Google and in the case of iPod and iPhone it would be our assistant Siri, to activate it in the case of Android we press the center button and a Google window will appear with the assistant then we will indicate send a WhatsApp.

Once you log in we will indicate the contact to which we will send it and we will start the voice dictation, once finished we will have to confirm the sending of the message to our assistant ok, Google using the send command. In the case of iPhone we will indicate Hey, Siri, then we will tell you to send a WhatsApp, we will indicate the contact to which we will send it and we will begin the voice dictation.

Once the message is finished, we will confirm the shipment to the assistant Siri saying send, will ask us for confirmation, we will indicate that if we want to send the message. Of course, the option of the assistant has a limitation, and that is that the messages must be short so that they can be understood by the assistant and sent successfully.

How to convert voice message to text with apps?

One of the applications for convert voice messages to text It is the instant transcription, when you download it, it opens a new document, we click on the microphone to start speaking and it will automatically translate from voice to text.

Google Docs is another of the applications used to convert voice messages to text; A new document is created and instead of using the traditional keyboard, we select voice dictation, it begins to speak and you will automatically see the text on the screen that will be dictated.