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How to achieve your fitness goals with Krew, Artificial Intelligence for athletes

How to achieve your fitness goals with Krew, Artificial Intelligence for athletes

Surely on more than one occasion you have considered joining a gym. Whether you want to keep your body in shape or start to regulate your diet, the world of fitness is an alternative that is increasingly taken into account when it comes to taking care of yourself. According to data from the Informa DBK Sectoral Observatory, the The fitness sector has regained much of the market share it lost during the lockdown (it grew by 18% in 2021, close to 825 million euros), although it is still far from the business volume of 2019.

Our habits and customs have been altered by the pandemic and, in a way, we have begun to value investing time in ourselves much more. If we can do it from the comfort of home, all the better.

You set the schedule, Krew does the rest

When it comes to fitness, excuses often outweigh the goals we originally set for ourselves. There are days when it is difficult for us to go out to train or, if we do it in company, it is enough that our ‘timing’ does not coincide so as not to go to the gym. That is the purpose of the Krew live streaming platform: to exercise professionally without hindrance.

With Krew you only need your body and a device with a camera to connect to the platform. This app does not require fixed schedules, infrastructure or accessories to start training. Simply, choose an environment such as your living room and schedule your class at the time that best suits your schedule. At Krew you will find more than 100 daily live sessions, so you can always find classes that fit your lifestyle, where you can enjoy your training with other athletes from all over the world.

One of the most interesting features is its assistance through Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will allow you to track your movements and give you a score according to the effort you make in each of the activities. You will be able to visualize your performance during training on a scoreboard next to each connected user. In addition, you will be able to track your activity over time or enjoy healthy competition with the rest of the classmates connected to the class. There are no more excuses to do fitness!

Also, if you like to train from home, you can try our Living App FitCo Moves to do sports from television.

Take your exercise to the next level

Krew is not only one of the best fitness apps, but it also powers that high performance independent athletes have a digital platform where they can teach live classes for everyone. Anyone can be a user of the platform, either paying for a class or hiring a personalized plan for a more complete experience.

With Krew you can do much more than a simple training, since it is designed to adapt to the characteristics of each athlete and that they can give the best of themselves where, when and how they want.

Cheer up too and train without limits with Krew!